Reimbursements paid in cryptocurrency like Bitcoin or Ether

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I'd like to be able to be reimbursed in cryptocurrency such as Bitcoin or Ether.

  • Far faster transfers of value are possible through Bitcoin or Ether which can take at most minutes to complete versus bank transfers which can take days.
  • Bitcoin and Ether are directly exchangeable with multiple currencies including USD, GBP, EUR which may enable remote employees ease of transferability.
  • Smart contracts (programmable crypto currency, essentially "If X then Y statements" that trigger value transfers) built on Ethereum could simplify my company's expense approval process such that when an expense is approved an automatic transfer of value is triggered, which would hit my ETH wallet in minutes, which I could then transfer for USD, GBP, EUR and other currencies at my leisure.

I am happy to discuss this proposal and to help Expensify to find and hire programmers to develop such a feature.

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