How can I delete company card expenses from previous months that accidentally got uploaded?

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I've read you can't delete company card expenses, however I am the Admin. Did Expensify really make it so that it's IMPOSSIBLE to delete? That is ridiculous!

For one of my employees, they have company card expenses sitting in their que from March and April. We are just implementing Expensify for May and I don't want any previous expenses syncing with my QB. I also want the expenses out of their que so it's clean for them. Please help.

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @bdahlk, happy to help. Company card expenses cannot be deleted in Expensify, this is true. However, if you've only just assigned the card to your employee, you have the option of unassigning the card to remove old transactions. Then, when you reassign the card to the employee, you can set a start date for the very first date you'd like expenses to import into Expensify.

    For example, if you only want expenses starting May 1, you can assign the card with that start date. (Below)

    Please note, when you unassign a credit card in Expensify, we also remove any unreported and unsubmitted expenses. This is how you would be able to "delete" company card expenses.