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Setup Tasks

Is this recorded
Yes, you can stream it online.

Do we have a pack to follow?
Yes you do - Check this out.

Can you please repeat the first step for your first policy? Is it go to Inbox and set first policy?
That's correct! Please head to your Inbox, look for the inbox task and hit Collect.

I'm not seeing this 'Admin' screen. Is it under the view reports screen?
It sounds like you may not have been added as a Policy Admin. Your current admin can upgrade your role.


Do you need to create a policy for reimbursements only when you just have users that just submit receipts for reimbursements?
Yes. You don't have to set your standard Policy up to manage reimbursements if you do not plan on reimbursing anyone.

Can I have one policy and add tags for expenses - why do I need separate policies?
The tags and categories added to this one policy will be displayed to all users within that policy! In case you need users to access different settings or a different set of tags, that's when you need multiple policies.

Can you require an expense to be tagged to a job?
To clarify, do you have customers/jobs imported in as tags or report fields? This can be viewed by following Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections > Configure > Coding page.
Theoretically yes. We are not active yet but have customer jobs in QB desktop.
Please take a look at this help doc for more info on setting up QBD. And in that case, yes you can make them mandatory once it's all set up.

Do you recommend a separate policy for each type of expense--travel/meals/rebillable expenses?
Yes, that's what we recommend if the rules and reporting/exporting requirements are different for each. Otherwise, you can have them all on one.

Can you go through the process of open, processing approved, closed?
Sure! Check out this help doc.

If the setting is set as a monthly report submission date, then, I just ignore the "open" reports until month end, right? My goal is to create 1 report per person per month.
Yes, that's correct! Scheduled Submit will automatically take care of this for you. But don't ignore them completely - before the month ends, do a quick check to make sure you don't have any violations.

Managing People

When I add employees to my policy - they can not see the other employees expenses?
Nope, only Policy Admins will be able to see employees' expenses within that policy!

If I set-up a policy and other employees have used personal email addresses in the past, can I invite them under their company email address to the new policy and request they start submitting reimbursements through that particular policy and can I delete their old policy, or should I keep if for reporting?
They can switch their emails. Please check out this help doc. You can also add them to a new policy and remove them from the old.

I have an employee that gets reimbursed but when it hits our bank account it doesn't show their name.. how do I fix that? I figured it out.. they need to identify themselves in their reimbursement setup!

When you delete a user... will that deletion remove their old reports?
No, not Approved, Reimbursed or Closed reports

What if the employee is a policy admin?
No. Their Approver will still see the reports.

Would there be a way to assign an approver based on customer job detail?
No, I'm sorry, it's based solely on the employee workflow.

Can an approver reassign an expense based on their knowledge of job number or must it go through a preset approval in the policy?
It's preset as per the approval workflow under Admin > [Policy Name] > People, however they may be able to 'cc' another user.

Please re-explain Approver versus Submit to.
Submits to is who approves YOUR reports. Approves to is for when you approve reports, who they go to next.

How should setup be done if you need advance approval for some users but others just need to submit and close like an owner of a company?
You could set up two different Policies with different Approval Workflows. Please take a look at this help doc for more information.

I erroneously set up two accounts, when I needed one account with two users. How can I change the primary email associated with the account to the one that the second user has put for their account and then add the second user with a different email?
It's not too difficult - Please check out this help doc.


If you're an auditor-only on the policy because you're an accountant, can you export to Quickbooks online still or do you have to be an admin?
An Auditor can export to an export template, but cannot export to a directly connected accounting system. It is common for Accountants to be full Policy Admins.

If I integrate with Bill.com - do I still get to approve the expense before it is sent to Bill.com?
Yes, expenses are sent to Bill.com after approval.

If you integrate will Expensify still recognize approval flow for reimbursements?
Yes, that feature will not get in the way!

Are you going also to cover QBO sync?
Yep, we will! but you can find more info here as well.

Can you connect each policy to a different accounting integration if needed/applicable?
Yes, you can.

Is there an auto export for QBO?
Yes you can set this up under Admin > [Policy Name] > Connections.
It seems like one of clients reports are automatically be exported, but we want it to be manual.
Sounds like you might have auto sync enabled. Check out this help doc.
I see auto sync but I'm more referring to exporting a report to QBO. I want new categories imported but I don’t want reports to be exported automatically.
In that case I would recommend keeping it manual.

I see that one of the policies is Quickbooks Online. Curious what the use case for that is, and when you would use it instead of other policies. Our entire thing needs to sync with QBO, and if I screw that up our accounting team will KILL me!
That's mostly just for demo purposes! Generally, you would have ALL policies connected.


If an employee sends me expenses to be reimbursed to a vendor -is there a way for me to submit and approve reimbursement for a potential client/vendor?
If you would like to re-bill expenses within Expensify, you may want to consider enabling Invoicing, in conjunction with marking rebillable expenses as Billable within each expense.

Can we change the date of reimbursements? I see that some reports approved for reimbursement are paid in 3 days while others approved the same day get paid in 7 days.
Once a report is submitted, it will move into a Processing state until the report is Approved. When the report has been Approved, it can then be Reimbursed or Marked as Reimbursed in Expensify by an Admin.
If your company chooses to reimburse using the ACH reimbursement feature in Expensify, reports under $100 can use Rapid Reimbursement at 1-2 days. Over $100, and it's standard processing time of 3-5 Days.

I have a client that has changed names and urls. The company wants to re-establish a new/updated Expensify account and sync with QBO. Can you help with guidance?
Sure - please get in touch with us at [email protected], and we can assist with a domain migration!

For special rules, are there other options? For instance, for Auto expenses, can you limit them to a certain percentage (where the employee puts in the amount and then the rule limits it to 80%?
You can set a threshold under Expense rules but you can't choose to only reimburse a percentage of an expense. The best way to do this is to manually alter the Amount.

We have monthly cc report automatically generated by Expensify. Statement cut off day is the 4th of each month, but if Expensify automated report is generated on the 5th, the report usually will be missing transactions processed on the 3rd or 4th, probably due to timing of bank data feeds. Is there any suggestion how we can ensure the monthly automated reports are inclusive of all transactions as of the 4th?
I recommend you check out the new card rec dashboard.

On the reconciliation dashboard, is there a way to download the expense details into a Excel worksheet after the total number for each card is shown?
Not at this stage, it's an on-screen tool.

Is there another place to grab all expenses within a designated period including charge details, tags, comments and etc.? And export the detail into a Excel?
You can do all this from the Expenses tab! Filter by user and date range.

Can a monthly summary of expenses by submitter be generated?
Yes absolutely, from the Expenses page. Just enter a date range in the filter and view on screen or export to CSV.

Do you have to use the reimbursement feature through Expensify or can I reimburse employees outside of the the system directly from my bank?
You can definitely reimburse them outside of Expensify! Then simply manually mark as Reimbursed.
So once I do this outside of Expensify as an admin I just click on the reimbursed tab of a report to move it to closed correct?
Sort of - you hit a button within the report, or select multiple and 'Mark as Reimbursed'. Please check this help doc.
And I am assuming I can add this ACH Reimbursement at any point, correct?
That's correct!

In setting up report default, how many items can I require, for example, report name-who submitting-date-comment. I tried this and it didn't recognize the comment.
Sounds complex! Please reach out to [email protected]

Where can I find out more about Domain Control and Company Card Rec?
We are planning a detailed webinar, and in the meantime you can see more here.

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