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Why does Expensify SOMETIMES ask you to mark an expense as 'Mark as Cash' when the purchase was done via credit card? I have an expense report that contains personal CC expenses and corp credit card expenses. It's only asking that i 'Mark as Cash' a couple of the personal cc expenses. Confused.


  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @mindy_robbins123 Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    Expenses can be pulled in from multiple sources and sometimes one user may use both a connected corporate/work credit card and also their own cash/debit card.

    When you scan or forward a receipt, it is seen as 'cash' until it merges with the imported card transaction. Credit card transactions generally pull through a few days after the expense is incurred, and merge automatically with the 'cash' receipt.

    If you try to submit a report which has cash receipts without matching card transactions, this message you are seeing is a prompt to say 'hey, we're still waiting on the corresponding card transaction to come through' and this allows you to proactively say 'actually there won't be one' or alternatively hang-fire and wait until the card transaction imports and merges.

    It's also useful to check that you don't have a card transaction unreported (or on a different report) in case they didn't merge automatically.

  • changes
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    Hi @Rachael Hopkins I noticed there is no way of marking as cash automatically. In my case no card transaction will ever get merged since we don't have corporate cards any longer after our bank (SVB) went into bankruptcy and we stopped doing business with the new company. It's extremely frustrating to both having to perform that action and not being able to do it right away since it forces me to wait.