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Expensify -> Quickbooks expense sync help

TenaciousBTenaciousB Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer


I'm looking to take my Expensify expenses and suck them into Quickbooks Online. I've got the sync going successfully, but I'm not super clear on what admittedly looks like very straightforward instructions:

If you are using an accounting integration such as Xero, Netsuite, or QuickBooks in Expensify, tax names must be added / edited on the accounting side first. 

When I look at my Tags and Categories in Expensify, everything that I have in QB looks to be there.

I don't see any of these expenses in QuickBooks, so there must be some extra step? Do I need to go into Reports and approve a report first before the push happens?



  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,094 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @tenaciousB (great username btw!), happy to help with this.

    QuickBooks Online is one of our best and most robust connections, and it has the added benefit of Auto Sync. When Auto Sync is enabled in the Advanced Features tab of the connection settings (it is by default), your reports will be queued for export as soon as "Final Approval" is applied to them.

    If the report is a non-reimbursable report, it will export very shortly after final approval. If the report is a reimbursable report, it exports after the report is reimbursed with ACH in Expensify or "Marked as Reimbursed" manually.

    If you disable Auto Sync, you will need to manually trigger export of reports as well as manually sync your QuickBooks Online connection each day. Auto Sync is a valuable time-saving feature that I encourage you to use.

    If you run into other questions, the Community will be here to help!

  • TenaciousBTenaciousB Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer


    Argh, so sorry...took me forever to get back to this issue and respond!

    Right now as I look in my reports, there are 30 of them. 29 are set to status of "processing" and 1 set to "Open."

    If I'm understanding your response right, I'll need to open each report and do Approve > Approve and Forward to have the report get sync'd to Quickbooks - is that right?


  • Ben FitzBen Fitz Posts: 36 Expensify Success Coach

    Hey @TenaciousB,

    Thanks for reaching back out.

    For all of the reports in your account, Auto Sync will export them to QuickBooks Online once they have been Final Approved.

    Under the Approve drop-down menu available when viewing a Processing report, Final Approve is the option under Approve and Forward that you will need to select. For Open reports, you will first need to submit the report to move it to a Processing state and then take action to Final Approve the report.

    Let us know if you run into any issues and someone from the team will be able to assist. Thanks!

  • TenaciousBTenaciousB Posts: 3 Expensify Newcomer

    Hey @benfitz thanks so much. Argh, the email notification that you updated this forum post went to my spam, thus here I am finally revisiting the issue. I appreciate your response.

    Anywho, I went to Reports, ticked the box for all the "Processing" reports and set them to Final Approve and, indeed, all that info appears to be slurped into QB. Awesome!

    A slightly off-topic follow-up if you don't mind though: my reports with status "Processing" seemed to be daily starting about April, but I've been tracking expenses all year. I checked under "Expenses" and see a ton of entries for the whole year, and they're all marked "Closed." I don't remember doing anything with these to "close" them. If I click on the word "Closed" the expense detail comes up, and I see that no policy is selected and I could edit it to be "Brian's default policy." Is that what I need to do for all these? Ultimately I want all expenses to show as "Approved" right?

    If I should start a new thread that's totally fine, just let me know. I'm just a little afraid I might miss (or double submit) these expenses as I try to suck everything into QB.


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