Never lose track of employee expenses again

Ted Harris
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One of the most common frustrations we hear from users who approve expense reports relates to what happens when you reject an expense, and why their employees appear to end up with more reports than expected. Most often, it’s something as simple as a coding change or just a missing receipt - but it shouldn’t be a hassle for users to find and fix these.

Previously, when an expense was rejected, it would return to the employee as an Unreported expense that the employee would then need to manually add to a report for submission.

With the update rolled out today, this is no longer the case. When an Approver rejects an expense on a Policy with Scheduled Submit enabled, Expensify will:

  1. Add it to the employee’s most recent Open report
  2. Add a comment to both reports showing the rejection and reason given
  3. If there isn’t an Open report in their account, Concierge will create a brand new report to hold this expense (and any more that are added by the employee or Concierge)

The report will then show up in the employee’s Expensify Inbox and, if they’re setup to receive weekly emails they’ll get it straight to their email inbox too!

Still want to reject a whole report rather than individual expenses? No worries - you can learn how to do that here!

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