Expenses pulling over as a single bill in Xero

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I have just coded an expense report with over 100 line items and exported it to Xero, rather than exporting as 100 different individual expenses, it exported as a single bill! How do I correct this?

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @Johnmichaelpehnke Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    When exporting reimbursable expenses to Xero, these will export as one single itemised bill ready to be paid to the user. The line items should still all be coded out.

    Only non-reimbursable expenses will export as individual bank transactions to a bank or credit card account.

    Here's some more info on how the Xero export works.

    If you have accidentally exported reimbursables which should actually be non-reimbursable, you'll need to delete the bill in Xero, and reject and reopen the report in Expensify. You can then bulk-update the expenses on the Expenses page as so:

    Check the boxes and hit the Edit Mulitple button:

    Then change reimbursable to No:

    You will then be able to submit, approve and export the report again.

    I hope that helps!