QuickBooks Online Reference number question

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HI - I recently configured correctly my receipts in Admin/Policies/Connections (Quickbooks Online) Configure - Debit Card to point to relevant Debit Account No. in Quickbooks.

However the Quickbooks Transaction Ref No. = Debit.
For Credit Card receipts/transactions the Ref no. = Expensify Report ID.

I'd like the same to occur for Debit Account transactions too. Is this setting in Expensify?



  • OfObject
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    Just to add - my "corrected settings" intended for both Credit Card and Debit Account transactions to be submitted in the same Expensify report. Are settings via Admin/Policies/Connections (Quickbooks Online) Configure/Export non-reimbursable expenses as/

    • Credit Card
    • Debit Card
      mutually exclusive? Following my updated saved settings to point Debit Card transactions to my Debit Account No., Credit Cards receipts/transactions are now posting in Quickbooks to the "Debit Account".
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    Hi @OfObject - thanks for sharing. It isn't possible to customize what is exported to the Reference Number field yourself, sorry about that. That being said, I have asked my team members if we could update the reference number to have the report ID when exporting as a debit card.

    I'm following that discussion closely and will circle back to you here when I have more information to share.