Recording Part Not Whole Receipt

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I feel like I'm missing something glaringly obvious here... So I've smart scanned a receipt for £33.00. This £33.00 was split between three people so we each paid a portion of this receipt. So now it's in my expenses it reads the full amount but I only want to record the £10.00 of this that I actually paid. The split option was what I assumed I needed but this seems to split up the receipt into three separate parts on my expenses which is obviously not what I want. Would the solution be to just manually edit the amount on the expense to £10.00 and if someone was to check it they would see that the photo of the receipt reads £33 and my entry reads £10 and work out I am only recording a portion? Or is there a function I'm missing that actually spells out what I'm trying to do on the expense. Hope this makes sense!



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    Hi @benpaveley, welcome and thanks for posting! Typically, you would edit the amount of the expense to be the portion you're paying, and then add a comment on the expense explaining why you changed the amount.

    Splitting a receipt is meant to be used in cases when you have multiple charges that you need to break out into smaller pieces. For example, if you had a hotel bill for $300, and you needed to show expenses for $150 for the room, $100 for food and drink, and $50 for laundry services, you could split the $300 expense 3 times into the individual parts.