Importing Expense/Receipts into Quickbooks Credit Card v Debit Card

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Hi all, I have an issue where a combination of Receipts, in the same report do not import to the correct Account in Quickbooks.

Receipts are correctly loaded and linked in Expensify to either a Credit Card OR Debit Account originated transaction. However when submitted-closed off to Quickbooks, they can importing collectively as either a Credit Card OR Debit Card expense, as per latest settings saved under Expensify's Admin/Polices[Policy Name}/Connections{Quickbooks Online} /Configure/Export non-reimbursable expenses as/

  • Debit Card (correctly linked to Debit Account, although i have more then one and can only select one at a time)
  • Credit Card (correctly linked to Credit Account)

I assume these settings are mutually exclusive, based on what I've observed with imports to Quickbooks.

As a result this makes it difficult to match transactions via the Quickbooks Banking/For Review process, as the Expenses Bank/Credit Account field, is a criteria for suggestive matching. I've had to find receipts imported to Quickbooks and change the Bank/Credit Account, to enable a match to be found. This is extremely tiresome as you could imagine. I'm on a TEAM plan, to resolve this do I need CORPORATE? If not is there a way to configure the Expensify / Quickbooks to resolve this?

thanks in advance..


  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @OfObject - great question! Upgrading to the Corporate policy will not give you the ability to export a single report as both a credit card and debit card.

    If you wanted to export some expenses as one and the rest as the other, you'd want to create two separate reports and change the export settings depending on which report you're going to export.

  • OfObject
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    Hi @SheenaTrepanier, thanks for your response. The above is a little surprising. Is there any development in the works to enable this within Expensify? Alternatively is there any way Expensify is configurable at the Policy / Bank account level. e.g. have a specific account link only to a specific Policy/Policies, so that I don't have to change export settings continuously.. Hope this makes sense.


  • Sheena Trepanier
    Sheena Trepanier Expensify Team, Approved! Accountant, Expensify Student Ambassador Posts: 1,362 Expensify Team

    Hi @OfObject, thanks so much for circling back to this. You will be able to select a different account to export your expense to, for each policy you have the connection set up on. (Below)

    Any reports submitted, approved, and exported on the policy, will use the account you have set in the configuration.

    Regarding adding that other functionality to our roadmap, it's not something I've heard discussed as an option, but I've shared this thread with my team who can let me know if things change.

  • MKirchman
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    I have the same problem: I carry a business DEBIT card and a business CREDIT CARD from 2 banks – Bank of America and American Express, respectively. You mean to tell me I have to separate the expenses before I export them!!!??? Is managing 2 accounts not a basic functionality of Expensify?

  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Thanks for your comments @MKirchman I'm so glad you got it sorted! And I'm glad you found the answer! This scenario only applies when it's a mix of debit & credit cards. All Debit = fine, all Credit = fine, but when it's both, the system doesn't know which setting to look at so you have to separate it by Policy.

  • atlasadam
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    I'm having the same issue -- I have employees submitting reports with 2-3 types of expenses: reimbursement requests, documentation for corporate cards, & documentation on cash expenses that are not-reimbursable (i.e. we give them cash and they return the leftover).

    Right now those cash expenses just randomly go to the default credit account. I don't think switching the default mode seems right. For now I guess I need to have the cash expenses separate from the card and the reimburse (which can be combined?). I would ideally want to link those cash expenses to a default debit account (Petty Cash). Which should just be the default. Asking employees to make two separate expense reports for one trip seems frustrating.

  • Karisa Latta
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    If you use Domain Control Company Cards and map those to individual GL Accounts, then set your policy configuration for non-reimbursable expenses to post as Debit Card > Petty Cash you might be able to achieve what you desire.

    Reimbursable expenses will always post as either Check, Journal Entry, or Vendor Bill only. Non-reimbursable, non-card expenses (aka non-reimbursable cash expenses) can post as Credit Card, Debit Card, or Vendor Bills. Non-reimbursable, individual GL card expenses (aka domain Company Card expenses mapped to GL accounts) will always post as a Credit Card transaction to the designated account.

    Can you connect your credit cards through Domain Control? If so, this solution will work for you! If not, you'll need to manage the non-reimbursable cash expenses on a separate policy so you can control export posting type.

    I hope this helps! Please let me know if you have more questions.