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Webinar Q&A - 11 June 2018

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Setup Tasks

You can find today's recording here and the guide here!

When a policy is set up, is it accessible to all admin users?
As long as the admin has been invited to join the policy as an admin via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > People, they will have access. The permissions don't automatically flow from existing Policies.

If an employee uses a company issued credit card and they order an item online and receive an emailed receipt, they in turn just email it to our Expensify receipt's mailbox?
Correct! They just email to [email protected] from their registered email address.

During implementation, if questions and/or need support, can I call for help?
We don't offer phone support, but you can always reach our dedicated team at [email protected] or via community.expensify.com

After the implementation is over, is there a "tutorial" that I can provide to employees in order to train them on how to utilize Expensify by chance?
Sure! I would suggest sending them to docs.expensify.com and using our webinar for submitters.


How can you make sure that Concierge never submits automated reports?
If you want to continue using Scheduled Submit you can set the frequency to Manually. Or you can completely disable Scheduled Submit via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > Reports and also ensure your users disable it in their Personal Settings > Preferences.

Can you explain what e-receipts is? Is that the ability to forward e-receipts to [email protected]?
eReceipts are automatically generated receipts for expenses under $75. They are IRS-Compliant and will generate for expenses imported via credit card.

How does scheduled submit work when the scanned expense is awaiting a downloaded corporate credit card charge?
The expense will still be added to a report. Until the merge occurs, you will see a notification: "Expense pending auto-match with imported card transaction".

If the company card is connected in Expensify, do the expenses need to be put on a report and approved?
Correct! They must be added to a report and submitted for review/approval.

So if that doesn't happen does that mean the expenses won't show to reconcile?
Not from the Expenses/Reports pages. But they will still be available in the reconciliation report in Domain Control.

Can other fields have violation rules set other than these three? For example, I would like to require an expense description.
In that case, you'd use the "Comment" field to require a comment. You'll need to click the small cog wheel next to each category to require a comment. You can find this page via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > Categories.


Can each policy be set up to connect to its own company file in QB?
Yes. You'd simply need to connect via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > Connections.

How can you see each transaction being imported so that we can tell all transactions reimbursed have been recorded properly in QB?
You can find all imported card transactions via your admin Expenses Page. If they've been exported, they will show a small symbol next to them noting their export. Additionally, you can filter expenses using expense filters.

How does Expensify integrate into Quickbooks Online and other payroll apps such as Gusto?
Easily! For more information on QBO, please read this guide. For Gusto read this one.

In order to integrate with QBO, do I simply need to ensure that employees email addresses (within QBO) are setup?
Correct! I'd also suggest reading our QBO guide which walks you through the complete setup.


What is the difference between Category and Tags? Which one is the one that is the chart of accounts from the accounting integration?
The categories are from the Chart of Accounts. The tags really depend on your account setup. How tags are mapped is configured via your accounting integration settings via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > Connections > [Accounting Integration] > Settings > Coding

Is there a webinar just for detailed use of company cards and integration and reconciliation?
Not as of yet! Please stay posted as we plan to add this in the near future. In the meantime, here's a great guide.

Can users be restricted to just one policy?
Yep! You'll need to enable Domain Control, which will allow you to set group restrictions for your team.

Does Expensify use MCC codes to tag expenses or must this be done through expense rules?
Yes, we use MCC codes. These can be mapped via Admin > Policy > [Policy Name] > Categories.

When I click on the link for company credit cards in the emailed webinar documents, the link states the page is not available any longer. All of our employees have company issued credit cards and I need to add these cards to Expensify.
Thank you for letting us know! Please use this page.

Does Company Card function only available for Corporate Account?
Correct. You need to enable Domain Control in order to use company cards.

Also, in order for the company to reimburse employees via ACH ... I would imagine that I would need to setup the company's corporate banking information within Expensify ... can we talk about that a bit by chance?
Sure! You'd simply need to add a withdrawal account via your Account Settings.

What's domain control?
For more information on Domain Control, please read this guide.

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