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If you are the project manager for your Expensify roll-out, whether you willingly volunteered or had this project thrust upon you, it’s highly likely that you’re quite a technical person. But you may have team members who are not.

Here are our tips on helping and supporting non-techie people.

1. Webinar Training

Get your whole team into a webinar training session and follow up with an internal Q&A session. You can use a projector or large TV screen to have the entire team watch together. Get each user to bring a receipt and their phone with them and repeat what they have learned immediately. Answer any questions they may have.

Your technology-loving team will naturally try out Expensify immediately, but you may have to force the non-technical people against their will! If they wait until a month after training to actually use Expensify, they don’t have a hope of remembering anything. By getting your team to attend training then immediately put it into practice, you are helping cement it in their minds, while you’re still available to assist.

2. Copilot

Using Copilot is a great way to support team members who have a lot of trouble. Get them to invite you as a Copilot (you may have to stand over them to do this) and then if they run into any issues going forward, you can see what they see. This is particularly useful in the case of unreported personal card or cash expenses, which you cannot see as a Policy Admin.

3. Written Instructions

It could be helpful to write out a quick guide of what to do and their key contacts. For example:

  • Take photos of receipts with Expensify app
  • Every week, log into on your computer and make sure all expenses are on a report with no red exclamation marks
  • On 30th of the month your report will automatically submit
  • If you have questions, ask Alex BEFORE the end of the month```

Keep it simple and only tell them/train them on what is relevant to their own expenses!

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