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Where Can I Get Customer Service?

jamesSTAQjamesSTAQ Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Does anyone know if there is a ticket system because there isn't anyone answering questions on chat.

I only have one question about my account that is confidential, (bank accounts) but I'm ignored by the customer service team.


  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 880 Expensify Success Coach

    Hi @jamesSTAQ Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    I can assure you, we don't ignore anyone (except spammers!) but we are working on a number of initiatives to speed up our response time.

    Looks like you have four active threads, but the one you really want to continue is the one with Shaelyn as she's the expert on the specific questions you have. And that conversation is in a special inbox now. :)

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