Integrating Expensify with Dynamics 365 and Stoneridge Software

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Update for April, 2019: With the recent Dynamics 365 Business Central release, Stoneridge Software has removed the app from the Microsoft AppSource directory for a short period whilst they upgrade and make sure it functions smoothly with all current versions. It'll be back soon though!

If you’re running Microsoft Dynamics and you’ve been looking for more automation with Expensify than our custom indirect integration templates, you’ll be pleased to hear that we’ve partnered with Stoneridge Software to automate the workflow between Expensify and Dynamics 365, NAV, and AX.

At its simplest, the connector automatically pulls Approved expense reports into Dynamics 365 for reporting and reconciliation and Admins can also import their accounts from Dynamics 365 so employees can record expenses appropriately.

If you’re new to Expensify, the first step to use the connector is to make sure you’ve successfully set up your company policy in Expensify. Then, instead of connecting with our custom indirect integration template for Dynamics from the Policy > Connections view, head over to the Microsoft AppSource Marketplace and get the Expensify for Dynamics 365 app. Once you’ve got this, it’s a small run through Stoneridge Software’s great how-to and you’re good to go!

For more on Stoneridge Software’s Connector, check out our help guide here and for more Third Party built connectors for Expensify, check out the list here!

Does your company use Dynamics NAV or NAV 2012 R3?

If so, Stoneridge Software can help automate workflows between Expensify and these systems with their connectors. Fill out the contact form on the Stoneridge website to learn more.


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    If you're looking for Microsoft Dynamic NAV/Navision ERP implementation module Sunbridge Software Services Pvt. Ltd . will help you. The Sunbridge Software Services is a silver competency partner of Microsoft Dynamic 365.

    The implementation of another Microsoft Dynamics NAV/Navision ERP framework can be both far reaching and an overwhelming assignment that normally includes all or possibly huge pieces of your organization.

    The privilege ERP programming

    An ERP execution undertaking can affect the structure of your business. In this manner, it isn't just critical to pick the privilege ERP programming, yet additionally the correct colleague. Dynamic Business Solutions has after numerous long stretches of experience advanced the usage procedure of Dynamics NAV/Navision.

    The reason for the arrangement we execute is based on an establishment of intensive examination and knowledge into your business. Thusly, the ERP framework is planned explicitly for your organization and your business forms.

    Achievement does not dropped without anyone else. In this way, the majority of our usage ventures are painstakingly arranged and we trust that continuous correspondence with the customer including the shared exchange underpins the combination procedure and lessens the danger of unexpected issues amid the procedure.

    Our open way to deal with correspondence with our customers implies that you generally have a total review of the considerable number of phases of the execution.

    Usage of Microsoft Dynamics NAV:

    ·     Exact assessments of expense and time

    ·     Envision and limit future expenses

    ·     Outline of the numerous points of interest of a usage

    ·     Less intrusions in your day by day business

    ·     Oversee and keep the undertaking on track

    ·     Careful preparing of the imminent clients

    ·     Testing your new ERP framework

    ·     Quick and effective help

    ·     Accomplishing ROI (rate of return)

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    Hi @sunbridgeindia - thanks so much for posting on the Expensify Community! Can we enquire as to whether you currently have an Expensify integration with Dynamics 365/NAV?

    If so, I'd love to see if we can create a separate post just for you here on the Community too! Otherwise, if you're simply looking to share your services in Dynamics Implementation without any relation to Expensify, we'll have to remove this post from this thread at the very least.

    Let me know, otherwise we'll get this removed by the end of the day.

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