Webinar Q&A - 12 June 2018

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Setup Tasks

You'll find today's recording here and the guide here.

Are the setup steps the same for whether you are setting this up for your own company vs for a client's company?
Yep! The same process can be followed for setting up a policy for your clients as for your own company.

Can you set up an email notification to employees who haven't submitted their expenses yet?
Yep! We currently send a weekly summary of reports that are waiting on a user to take action.

Do you have a general presentation file that we can use to train our employees (normal users)?
We have a regular webinar that they can attend!

Do you need to create a second account in order to access community.expensify.com?
Nope! You can sign in to the Community with your Expensify credentials.


Can admin submit reports of their own if they have credit card expenses also?
Yes! An admin has the same rights as a regular user, plus extra abilities.

What about an approver? Can they make changes to a submitted report?
A Policy Admin can make changes to a submitted report, but not a general user even if they are the Approver.

If we have two policies and an employee submits expenses under the wrong one, can the admin move it to the correct policy?
Yes. So long as that admin is an admin on both policies.

Once final approval happens, can the admin still make changes to the expense report?
Final Approval is likened to locking the report. In order to edit that report, it would need to be reopened by the Admin.

Can you show us how an individual would add a credit card (no domain control)?
This is done in Account Settings > Credit Card Import. Here's a guide.

Can old expenses that have been submitted be archived?
They can be deleted. Otherwise, you can change your view using Filters so that you can't see them.


Where does the admin manually "Pay" an expense report?
The Policy Admin can manually trigger reimbursement from the 'Reimburse' button at the top of the report.

How do you enable reimbursement?
You'll find this under Admin > [Policy Name] > Reimbursement, and here's a great guide.

Can a withdrawal account be shared amongst Admin?
Yep! The user that has set up the Withdrawal Account can do this by going to Account Settings > Reimbursement, and click the "Share" button.

Are there additional fees to utilize the reimburse option in Expensify?
Nope! While reimbursement does require a Team or Corporate policy, there are no additional fees to reimburse your employees through Expensify.

So, for deposits, does each user need to enter their bank info?
Yep! You've got it. They can do this in Account Settings > Reimbursement.

Managing People

Can "People" be set up with full name and email or just email?
The Policy Admin can't set the user's personal account details. The user can set this themselves in their Account Settings.

The number of travelers I have varies month-to-month, would I need to remove those from the previous month and add new ones within the people tab?
No. I would recommend leaving all users within the People table, as removing a user from the policy will result in their inability to access the policy until re-added. You are only billed for 'active' users.

Also - are all approvers admins? I would imagine 'no'.
You're correct. An end user can be made an approver without being given Administrative access to the policy.

If we have an employee that was an admin and was the only admin, can we delete her user now that we have given admin permissions to others?
Yes. Once you've handed off all responsibilities to other users, you can safely remove that user from your policy.

If we delete a user, do we lose any information?
If the user is completely deleted (rather than removed from the policy), any unsubmitted reports will be deleted. That said, any reports that have been submitted by the user will be retained.

If we work with multiple clients and have multiple policies, will clients see each other's policies?
No. A user will only see the policy/policies they have been explicitly invited to.

Is the 'co pilot' listed as a admin?
A CoPilot can be any user. A Full Access CoPilot can access the user's Admin functionality.

Can they delete an admin?
Technically, yes they could if they are CoPilot to another Admin. If you would like us to check our logs to verify who removed an Admin, please contact [email protected].


So categories are the GL accounts. But what are the tags in QBO?
We can import Projects, Customers, Departments, Classes, and more as tags! You can choose the way you'd like to utilize tags on the "Coding" tab within your QBO settings.

So, if I have Expensify synced with QuickBooks Online, I will not set up expenses through Expensify?
You'll record expenses within Expensify and export the containing reports to QBO.

How to you make sure the categories in Expensify match the expense accounts in QuickBooks Online? How about classes from QuickBooks?
With the direct integration, we'll sync the categories in Expensify to the Chart of Accounts/GL Accounts in QuickBooks Online. We can also import classes as tags.

Company Cards & Domain Control

What happens when you load in the Credit Card bill, but the user is not set up in Expensify?
You will need to assign the card to the user in Domain Control. If this is not done, the data will remain unused.

I am an admin, is there a situation where I don't have domain access?
While not mutually exclusive, Domain Admins and Policy Admins are different roles. You can be given Domain Admin access without being given Policy Admin access. The reverse is also true.

Feel like the domain control was set up, but I cant click in and see what you see - could this just be because someone else set it up?
Sorry! This isn't something I'll be able to tackle during this webinar. Please reach out to [email protected] so we can look into this for you.

How do you sync an American express card?
You will need to set up a feed via Domain Control.

So, with domain control, if I'm the accountant, my clients wouldn't have my domain as their email. So, is domain control even applicable for me?
Domain Control allows you to unlock fine-grained rules and apply them to anyone on your company's domain. While control of your domain wouldn't apply to your clients, you may still find it valuable if you'd like to apply these rules to your own team. You can also have your customers take control of their domain and invite you as a Domain Admin.

Okay, so the only way for my clients to be able to import credit card transaction is if they set it up on their own? Reason being that domain control is the only other way to do that and domain control wouldn't be pertinent for me.
The only part your clients will need to do is taking control of the domain and also reaching out to their bank for the commercial feed. As a Domain Admin, you can handle the rest.

95% of what will be tracked will be charges on a corporate card paid by the company Can the default be non-reimbursable?
Yes! You can force your Corporate Card expenses to default as non-reimbursable.

Can we bring in card activity for users with a company card automatically to their profile?
Yes! You can assign a company card directly to the cardholder within Expensify. As transactions are imported, the expenses incurred by the specific cardholder will be imported directly into their account.

Do policy admins automatically get domain control access?
No, a Domain Admin is a different role altogether. Domain Admins will need to be invited.


Can I set up a flow where a report over $500 goes to an additional approver?
Yes! This is called an approval limit. Take a look at this article to learn how to set this up!

By forcing comments, that means the user cannot submit that expense without including a comment?
Not including a comment will flag the expense for violation. To get a better understanding on violations and notes, check out this article.

These advanced approval options are only available for corporate users, correct?
Yes. The Advanced Approval workflow is only available on a Corporate policy.

If you change a category or tag as an admin, does the original submitter get a message back that a change was made so they know something has been corrected?
The submitter will not receive a notification of the change. However, if the expense is now coded with an out-of-date category/tag, they'll see the expense flagged for violation, as the expense will be considered out-of-policy.

Our company has multiple credit cards; a 'ghost' account that all Enterprise charges go to, a 'travel' credit card that our travel agency charges staff airfares to, and staff has individual corporate MCs that roll to one Corporate Master account. Would I set up a policy for each of these cards so that all the individual charges roll to the specific card to match to a bill each month?
That sounds like the most practical approach. However you may like to reach out to [email protected] so we can look into this for you.

Can the fields be pre populated in the expenses?
Sure! If a user regularly incurs the same expense, they can create Expense Rules to apply categories/tags/comments/etc to an expense that matches their search criteria. Check out this article to learn how to do this.

Can an admin create a rule for those users?
No, expense rules can only be created by users. However we do have this popular Community idea on the boil if you'd like to vote.

Can we create a rule to change the Merchant name populated from the credit to another one? For e.g.. SqBrooklynRoasters would show up on the merchant automatically but I have it as Brooklyn Roaster on my accounting software so instead of changing it manually, can I create a rule to do it automatically?
Yes, this is exactly what you would use expense rules for! Keep the filter really broad i.e. 'Roaster' in the Merchant name will pick up most spelling/text layout.

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