Where to go to See Smart Scanning Receipts In Process?

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sometimes I stumble across smart scanning receipts that are "in process" and I think they are usually in the "expenses" screen. I have a user who has forwarded receipts via email but they aren't showing up. I am wanting to find them and with filters or no filters, I just can't find them. They should be smart scanning. Can you tell me if there is a better way than "expenses" to view all the receipts that are currently scanning, or those which have failed? I have unreported checked in my filters and I am still not seeing them!

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  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi @MJNiM - great question! When a receipt is in the SmartScanning process, it is still considered a document because there is no expense information attached to the image.

    I uploaded a few receipts in my test account to show you how that should look. (below)

    You should be able to filter by All Types or Documents to view receipts in the SmartScan process or find ones that have failed.

    If that doesn't help, is there any chance you could share the merchant, date and amount of a one you can't find?