Webinar Q&A - 19 June 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today's webinar recording is here and the guide is here.

How do we set up a new admin?
A current Policy Admin can add you (or another user) as a Policy Admin under Admin > [Policy Name] > People tab.

Is Expensify typically managed by someone within the accounting department? (that is, someone with accounting designation - authority for making payments, assigning codes, integrating into QuickBooks, accessing credit card statements)?
Expensify can be administered by anyone within your organization! However, it's pretty typical to see it being administered by a team member from a company's accounting department.


When an employee is on multiple policies, will they be able to choose which policy the expense should be allocated to, as with GL and class?
An expense is not associated with a Policy until it is on a Report. The Policy can be changed on the top right hand cover of a report. You can also set a default - On the mobile app, you will see the policies listed in your settings. This will allow you to select one you wish to work under. On the web, just click on the user icon in the top left-hand corner of the page and choose the policy from the drop-down menu.

We have employees in 2,3 and 4 different policies.
In this case you will want each user to set their most commonly used policy as the default. And create one report per Policy.

How can I assign different expenses to different policies? If I have a week's worth of expenses that belong to multiple policies and when I create a report it appears to apply all expenses to one policy.
You would create multiple reports - one per Policy, and report the expenses separately per Policy.

Is there always a comment box when rejecting expense?
Yes, there is!

How can we enter categories/tags in bulk instead of individually manually entering?
You can import them via CSV! Check out this article for more info.

If there is a rejection, doesn't it create multiple reports vs. putting it back after corrected?
When expenses are rejected from a report this will remove the expense from that report and send it back to the submitter to report again (on another report) rather than holding up the rest of the expenses.
You will be able to locate the expense by using the filters on your expenses page to only view Unreported expenses.

Are employees required to select the policy or they can submit a report without it?
They can submit reports under their personal policy (none) but Admins for your company's policy will not be able to access them unless they are under the company's policy. We recommend the user sets their default Policy to the company Policy.

I would like to know how to split the expense report when two different months appear. For example, the May expense report will have expenses listed for June. I would like to split the months to post a Journal Entry into our accounting system for the May period.
As it stands, Expensify doesn't offer a direct way to split reports; however, as long as the report is Open, you can easily move items to another report by following these steps:
1. Sign into your account from a web browser and navigate to your Expenses page
2. Check the box next to each expense you'd like to move
3. Select a new or existing report from the top right-hand drop down option
If you'd like to support a customer nominated idea for merging reports, please visit our community here and vote for the feature request!

Can you track the expenses that have been rejected?
When expenses are rejected on a report this will remove the expense from the report and send it back to the submitter. The user is able to locate the expense by using the filters on the expenses page to only view Unreported expenses. A Policy Admin will be unable to see Unreported expenses.

Must a request for reimbursement report be submitted separate from a corporate card expense?
Nope! Reimbursable and non-reimbursable expenses can be submitted on the same report!

If you have a credit card feed and use Concierge to submit expenses, will there be multiple expense reports for one billing cycle?
When a receipt is SmartScanned it will be added to a report by Concierge, and then the card transaction will merge with this expense automatically when it posts to your bank account. How often you submit the reports is dictated by your settings. You can set up the ideal Scheduled Submit frequency for your Policy.

Managing People

I apologize, as I believe you already covered this, but you can create an Admin for a specific policy, but not all, correct?
That's correct. Each policy can have its own unique Policy Admin or you can have the same group of admins on all policies. If you choose to have one user administer multiple policies, you'll need to set that per policy.

I follow the steps in Expensify for the approval workflow and I would like to confirm that the "approves to" detail field is where the final approver needs to be set up?
Approves to is where the reports go when that user Approves them, not necessarily the Final Approver (if you have multiple levels). You can find information on this here.


When Expensify Syncs with QB, how will it code the employee liability?
This will depend on your coding setup. Please find info on this here.

Once QB syncs the expenses, we need to pay the employee. What account in QB will the credit be coded for each employee? The expenses will debit the respective GL codes, what GL will be credited on the Journal Entry? Can we specify what GL to credit for each employee, i.e. "due to jack"? Or does it credit checking without a payee?
You will select an account to be used in your Export Options configuration for QB.

Where in QB will we see who is owed a reimbursement?
This will depend on the export options chosen - I recommend you review the Export Options available for QuickBooks Online to get an idea of how the various exports will be reflected

Can we designate a credit account for the journal entry in QB?
The Debit will be against the Category on the Expense, whereas the Credit account will be specified on the Export setup. Often this is an Accounts Payable account. Please find more info on this here.

Can connections occur after a policy has been used? We haven't decided on accounting software yet.
Yep! You can connect an accounting integration whenever you're ready :)

Are transactions uploaded into Quickbooks online as approved? or does the admin have control as to how often the transactions flow in?
Reports are exported to QuickBooks Online upon final approval of the report.

Does admin who pulls the transactions into Quickbooks Online have the ability to make any corrections to accounts or tags prior to those transactions flowing into Quickbooks online?
Yes, that's correct, they can adjust the coding before the report is exported.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can I add multiple company cards and company card VCF feeds for my domain control?
Yes, you can! Please find more information here.

If my bank manager has communicated that the feed has been connected but I have not been notified by Expensify, how should I proceed?
Please reach out to [email protected] and we will solve this for you.

If you have company credit cards set up, can certain employees access that section as well as their policy for personally paid expenses? Or can the admin handle the corporate card?
A user will need to be a Domain Admin to administer Corporate Cards, but they can see what cards have been assigned to them from Account Settings > Credit Card Import and they can filter by card in their Expenses page. The Admin can check all expenses have been reported using the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

So if an employee has a receipt on a corporate card, does that get submitted to the Domain Admin to review and code? Or can the employee categorize/tag the receipt?
The employee will categorize/code before submitting it for review, the Domain Admin does not do this, but they can check unapproved expenses using the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard


Can the account Admin create and assign an expense to an user? For example, we use a centralized booking system for Airline tickets, can the admin assign an airline ticket expense to a specific user expense report?
No they can't, users will need to create their own expenses and once they submit them on a report, admins will be able to edit them. However, a CoPilot can upload an expense on a user's behalf - this might help your travel manager add expenses.

Can a reminder of a company policy be added to an Expensify 'policy' rather than physically limiting an expense?
No, but you can have different levels of 'stopping' on expense violations, have a good look at this guide. You could potentially use the 'Comment Hint' on a category as a reminder also.

If I would like to submit an expense report on behalf of another colleague, would I use the co-pilot function?
Yes, you can find more info on this here.

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