Webinar Q&A - 20 June 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today's recording can be streamed here and the guide is here.

Can you explain what a policy is?
A Policy is the set of rules which govern how your expenses are managed, who is under the company policy, and which accounting system it links to.

So you are just saying the policy is blank until you set up rules?
A new policy has some defaults set up, but you will want to refine them to suit your needs. Also, you'll need to invite your users.

I have no exposure yet to Expensify, is there a webinar that is for starting and implementing?
We have a brilliant Day 1 guide here.


What is the way you can follow up on old expense reports? Email managers to remind them to approve?
The Approvers will get a reminder email once a week, or if you need to, you can always harass them personally!

If you make adjustments....does the employee get a notification so they will learn the proper coding for next time?
Not at the current juncture, but it is recorded in the report history.

How do we allow our employees to assign separate locations to each individual expense?
This is usually done with a tag imported from your accounting system or added manually.

So the expense page keeps a complete history of all expenses entered, regardless of status?
Yes, that's right. And regardless of Policy, as long as you are a Policy Admin, you will see all expenses on the Policy whether Open, Processing, Approved, Reimbursed or Closed.

Can the Admin see all the expenses in Expensify, or just their own?
ALL - they can filter to see just their own, or a certain user, or all. But they won't see user expenses which are not on the Company Policy i.e. Unreported expenses.


Does PayPal reimbursement work the same as a bank account reimbursement?
Relatively the same, check out this guide.

How does the employee get reimbursed for expenses?
You can use built-in reimbursement if you're in the US or AUS. Or manually outside of Expensify. This can be set up to happen automatically, under a certain threshold, or manually by clicking a button on the report. Please find more information on this here.

Managing People

I am the bookkeeper for our client who we are hoping to get them set up on Expensify. Is there an Admin/accountant user function? The client will be the Admin...correct?
Generally both the Accountant and a client user are Policy Admins, but the Accountant handles a lot of the exporting etc. The client user can handle as much or as little as you feel is appropriate.

Can the approval workflow...be set that one manager ( or another) can approve, but not require both?
You can only set one approver, but the user can break the workflow and submit to another manually if needed (unless Enforce Workflow is enabled). They can do this in the To box when they submit.

There were additional fields on the screen where you set the additional approval for expenses >$1,000 that said Custom 1 and Custom 2, but the content for the field said "None" - what are these?
These are for recording extra, static details for HR purposes, rather than being Approval-related.


Are we allowed to select a few accounts for users to select from rather than the whole chart of accounts?
Yes absolutely - after you import your Chart of Accounts, you can disable categories.

What happens if the expense category is not offered to the employee? How do we make a note for ourselves to fix the coding manually before uploading to the accounting software?
If the user submits a report, and the imported coding (aka categories and tags) changes before it is exported, the Policy Admin may have to manually re-code some expenses before exporting. If the coding no longer exists, the export will throw an error.

Can it sync with Bill.com for reimbursing to the employee?
As a general rule, the reimbursement is done within Expensify.

If our accounting is tied to Bill.com, does that mean that we set up the expenses through Bill.com or Expensify?
You create them in Expensify and then send to Bill.com - here's a great guide.

Can you limit the accounts that employees can charge to?
You can limit all by disabling categories. Or you can put users on different Policies, with different categories if you don't want certain groups to see the categories of others. There is no fee for extra policies as long as they have the same Billing Owner.

What date will the expense report be recorded into QBO? What if the month has already closed?
This will depend on the Export Settings.

What if your employee has not CODED so what happens to expenses if you auto submit?
This depends on your violations. Scheduled Submit will not submit expenses with missing categories & tags if you make them mandatory.

Does expensify interface with Quick books enterprise?
To an extent, but there may be functionality you cannot use because it doesn't exist in QB Enterprise. Check the Prerequisites.

Is there a way to have credit card expenses export as a split transaction in QB to the credit card vendor instead of each individual charge exporting to Credit Card Misc?
Yes, you will need to make sure the Merchant Name is exactly the same as the Vendor in QB. This only applies to non-reimbursable credit card transactions.

But the credit card vendor name is not the same as the merchant name. What I'm referring to is, for example, have the credit side of the entry (report total) post to the vendor "Card Member Services", and the individual vendor charges post to the expenses (categories).
Yes, you can select which account your credit card transactions export to under your Accounting Connection's Export Settings. You can also map an account in Domain Control.

Company Cards & Domain Control

What is domain control?
Domain Control restricts users based on their email domain, and also allows you to assign corporate credit cards to users, but manage them centrally. Please find info on this here.

Can more than one credit card account be assigned to one user if they have multiple cards?
Yes, absolutely! I have seen people with 20 cards!

A client has one Amex account and employees each have their own card. Would we enter the cards individually or as just one Amex card? Especially to be able to reconcile the account as a whole.
I recommend you look at whether you can get a GL1025 feed from Amex and set these up centrally-managed, under Domain Control.

Can we review how the domain controlled centrally managed corporate cards work?
We have a detailed webinar on this coming up - check out the upcoming webinars in our Community.

How long can unapproved corporate expenses be outstanding?
Technically forever, it's often the Admin who checks they're all submitted.


Where are the expense reports stored so that outside auditors can access these?
Within Expensify - you can make a User an Auditor. Or you can export all to a CSV if needed for external review. You can also export individual Reports to PDF.

As an accountant, will I have any issues changing my email on the account? Have a Gmail email now but may be getting an @companyname email soon.
Nope. You can add a secondary email and then switch them around so that the Gmail becomes your secondary login.

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