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How to delete reports on iphone

Andy462Andy462 Expensify Customer Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer
edited August 2018 in Day to Day

I have 660MB of old reports on my iphone. I'm getting short on space and want to delete all old reports off the iphone, but can't find out how to do it. It probably is pretty simple, and I just need to be pointed in the right direction :-)

Best Answer

  • Leslie RodriguezLeslie Rodriguez Posts: 23 Expensify Team
    edited August 2018 Accepted Answer

    Hi @Andy462 ! Expensify reports/expenses themselves do not take up space. We're a cloud based app, so the data is attached to your account and not your device. What does take up space is any cached information that may be stored in your app.

    Cached information (such as common merchants or sign-in information) can be the reason for the high amount of "storage". If you are using an iPhone, it could be a bit harder to clear this cached data. You would need to first sync your app (under the Account tab in the mobile app) and then delete and re-install.

    You can also occasionally log out/in to help clear that stored cached information more frequently. I hope this helps! Please let me know if you need anything else.

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