Expensify Android app not syncing

xiannyxianny Posts: 1

I uploaded some receipts and noticed they were stuck in "uploading" state for a few days.

I tried navigating to Account Settings and manually syncing. It's now stuck in "syncing account" and I can't navigate to any other pages.

This started happening after the June 15 update.

Please help! I want to get reimbursed.


  • Aaron PlaatAaron Plaat Posts: 25 mod

    I'm sorry to see you're having difficulty with your app! We're currently resolving a known issue with receipts in an uploading status.

    It would be helpful to get your mobile logs, so our team can include your account in the resolution.

    Can you follow the steps below?

    Open the Expensify mobile app and connect to a reliable wifi network
    Select the Account Settings button and tap "Sync Now"
    Go to the Reports page and pull down to refresh the list
    Wait for all the reports to sync with our servers
    Go to the Expenses page and pull down to refresh the list
    Wait for all the expenses to sync with our servers
    Navigate to Account tab > Help and Feedback > Ask us anything and send us a message, which will send us the logs in the background.

    Thank you!

  • Kenny_PaulKenny_Paul Posts: 3

    Ran into the same issue this afternoon. The steps above do not help as the app thinks it is off line and never syncs. Spinning donut only. After first trying to upgrade, and then clearing all the data, I ended up completely uninstalling and reinstalling from scratch.

  • PaulClarkPaulClark Posts: 3

    I can also report the same issue and that the above steps do not work.

    (1) Android app is not syncing.
    (2) App is also not uploading / syncing Expenses.
    (3) When I tap, "Ask us anything" - it says:
    "Something went wrong.
    Couldn't load your conversations.

    I uninstalled and reinstalled the app which caused me to lose all 24 expenses that I entered but the app failed to upload.

    It synced with the server, so I tried re-entering expenses.

    Not a single expense uploaded to the server. Furthermore, it also fails to sync again. Spinning donut. Screenshots below.

    Please help as I would like to not have to re-enter 24 expenses for a 3rd time!!

  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 717 admin

    HI @PaulClark, Welcome to the Expensify Community!

    There are two things you can try here:

    1. Turn off your location services - it could be having trouble getting a fix on your GPS
    2. Connect to a strong wifi signal

    Unfortunately, if these two things don't help, the next step is to uninstall and reinstall, but it means you will lose the receipts (unless it will let you open and save them)

  • PaulClarkPaulClark Posts: 3

    Thanks for the advice, @RachCHopkins

    I turned off Location Services. As usual, I connected to a strong Wifi signal (tried this on multiple strong WiFi locations - work and home).

    Unfortunately, this did not work.

  • RachCHopkinsRachCHopkins Posts: 717 admin

    Hi @PaulClark unfortunately the solution is likely to be an uninstall/reinstall of the app. :#

  • PaulClarkPaulClark Posts: 3

    As mentioned, I already did that and it did not solve the issue.

    It appears that there is an underlying QA / bug that has not been resolved.

    I will abandon the Android app for the web version.

  • Ted_PeetersTed_Peeters Posts: 112 mod

    Hello all! (@PaulClark, @Kenny_Paul, @xianny)

    We're creating an issue to track this internally, but I just thought I'd see if you folks could try one more thing. We recently pushed out a security update which requires the most up to date version of Google Play Services for Android.

    Would you all mind checking to make sure this is up to date as well now? If not, download the update and reinstall the Expensify app.

    Let us know how that goes!

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