How to update categories and tags for QuickBooks accounts?

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We made some adjustments to our Quickbooks chart of accounts (several new accounts, a few that will be inactivated, some name changes, and new parent accounts). What problems will we have when we now run sync and how can we avoid them? Will the previously synced reports still have the old accounts? What will happen to reports that have been processed with old account numbers but not yet synced? Need help asap! Thanks!

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    Hi @VFAKathy - happy to help with this.

    When you sync the changes into Expensify, you'll find:

    • Your category list is updated with the changes you made.
    • Unreported and Unsubmitted expenses using categories that you've altered or removed will show "Out of policy" violations at the category level. To correct this, update the category applied to the expense.
    • Expenses and reports already exported will be untouched in Expensify and QuickBooks
    • Expenses in the Processing, Approved, and Reimbursed states that have not been exported to QuickBooks will be untouched. Please note you'll be unable to export these until the coding is updated to reflect your recent changes.

    If you have any other questions, you might want to check out our QuickBooks articles in our Help Center.