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How can I determine the year-end balance of unreimbursed expenses?

VFAKathyVFAKathy Expensify Customer Posts: 6 Expensify Newcomer

Is there a report I can run that will show me the balance in Expensify of expenses that were synced/transferred to Quickbooks at 12/31/17 (year-end) but not reimbursed until after 1/1/18?

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  • tylerzolltylerzoll Posts: 436 Expensify Champion
    Accepted Answer

    @VFAKathy, The best way that I can think of would be to work with the filters on the expenses page. Unfortunately, you can't really set a date related to the report status, but you can see on the report history when a report was reimbursed since that information syncs over. I think the easiest way will be to narrow down the best you can with the filters, then got through the reports to make sure that the expenses all meet your criteria.

    Also, may I ask how your dates are set up on your export? for example do you have the report set to export to QuickBooks and use the date of the last expense? or do you use the date of the export as your date? If you have these settings as well as a specified payable account for these expenses, then you should be able to run a report in Quickbooks to see the information. This would probably be a better solution going forward, but won't be helpful looking back.


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