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Webinar Q&A - 25 June 2018

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Today's webinar recording is here and the guide is here.

Can you remove the "none" policy?
No, but you can remove the option of setting the default Policy to 'none' if you have enabled Domain Control and set "Default policy to X" for your domain members. Or you can 'Restrict Policy' to X.

What does "Sync G Suite Now" mean?
We allow integration with Google Apps/Gmail that allow you to seamlessly invite users in your Google Apps organization. You can also set your accounting integration to import users.

What happens to receipts that are added to the system but not linked to any credit card transactions since the transactions haven't come through to Expensify?
If there isn't a pending credit card transaction, the receipt will simply create a regular expense and be available to assign to a report. Otherwise, the user will be warned about a pending transaction when they go to submit their report.

So the user has to pay for their account or its covered under the paid policy?
If your company has invited you under a Policy, then the company will be covering the cost for that Policy functionality. The user's account is free.

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