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Webinar Q&A - 26 June 2018

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You can find today's recording here and the guide here.


What is 'eReceipts enabled'?
An eReceipt is a digital option available for US users. You can find more info about eReceipts here.

To clarify - a report that is marked reimbursed cannot also be marked "closed"?
That's correct - if a report is reimbursable, the last point in its workflow is 'Reimbursed'. Closed is only for reports which are on a Submit & Close workflow.

Is there a way to archive closed/reimbursed reports? Or do you just have to use the filter when on the report screen?
No, there is no archive, you are correct - it is a case of using your Filters.

Is it possible to add someone else's expenses?
As a policy admin, you can edit the expenses on reports that are in an Open or Processing state. You will not be able to add additional expenses to the report. Only the report creator can add additional expenses while the report is in an Open state.
However, there are two exceptions to this rule:
1. A CoPilot can add expenses when logged into the user's account.
2. A Domain Admin can add Unreported expenses from a corporate credit card using the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.


How do you reimburse an employee for an expense?
You can do this automatically or manually with the Reimburse button on the report. You will also need a Withdrawal account set up. You can find more information on this here.

Managing People

How do I change the owner from the last admin to myself?
You'll need to be an admin on the policy you'd like to take over. From there, you'll need to navigate to that policy's Overview page, and click "Take Over".

I'm not an Admin. What if she's no longer here?
If you only had one Policy Admin and that person has left the company, the best thing to do is to get your IT department to give you access to that user's email account so that you can access their Expensify account and change your User Role before taking ownership and removing that previous user. This is something you will want to build into your exit process for employees. Some companies like to set up a generic email account e.g. [email protected] to be the Policy Owner, to avoid this issue in future.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can one user have a card in two different policies? One card for two different entities/policies?
Yes, if this is a personal card the user can import it under Account Settings > credit card import. If this is a corporate card, a Domain admin can assign it via Domain Control. The cards can be reported under different Policies per Entity.

Let's say you have domain1 and domain2 in domain control... User is [email protected] but he has a card on both domains. can this be managed under 1 user account? Or should we run cards through one domain?
You can definitely add a card per Domain. I recommend you reach out to [email protected] to get specific advice for your case.

Can you tell us more about retiring Automatic Statement Reporting by the end of 2018?
Please take a look at this post.

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