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Webinar Q&A - 27 June 2018

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Today's recording is here and the guide is here.

Setup Tasks

Do you advise clients to keep paper receipts as well? or is a photo sufficient?
For your accounting records, electronic copies will generally suffice. You only need to hold on to your paper receipts until the image has successfully uploaded to www.expensify.com

Are the majority of your customers keeping paper receipts as well or just photos as the record?
Most users throw away their paper receipts once reports are finalized, if not immediately after scanning.


How do you make sure an expense is included in a certain report? Can you change an expense from one report to another?
You can see the report the expense is on by clicking on the expense to pull up the edit window, the report the expense is on will be displayed at the bottom of the edit window. You can choose a different report in that drop-down menu.

Does expensify translate from different currencies besides USD?
We're able to support most currencies. You can set your policy's default currency under Admin > [Policy name] > Reports. If a user is in a different country, they can also set a personal default currency under their Account Settings. No matter what currency the expenses are incurred in, the report totals will always be converted to the output currency on your Policy.

If we have people that have expenses in Canadian $ and US $. I know they can enter each expense with the correct currency. If we only reimburse them in CAD $ how do we handle the USD expenses?
In this case I would recommend setting up two separate policies, one for users in the US and one for users in Canada, then set each policy to the corresponding currency. Otherwise, the expenses will simply all convert to CAD using that day's average exchange rate.

Can I delete an expense?
Yup! Simply select the expense and click on the red trash can button at the top of the page.

If I disable "People Must Categorize expense" will Expensify automatically categorize it when a receipt is uploaded?
Implicit categorization will still apply, yes. To learn more about this feature, take a look at our help doc.


Are there any fees charged by Expensify associated with ACH reimbursement for US employees?
There are no additional fees for ACH reimbursement via Expensify!

Managing People

How do you add a final approver?
You can set up your approval workflow under Admin > [Policy Name] > People. Once here you have three different approval workflow options. The Final Approver is simply the last person on the workflow. If you have any specific questions, please reach out to [email protected]

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can I connect my credit cards to Expensify so that they import automatically and then schedule submit the reports?
That's correct! You can import personal and company cards and enable Scheduled Submit to automatically create and submit reports.

When assigning company card to employees, how do you get this to export to company card in Quickbooks?
Great question! You can set this up via Domain Control, take a look at this help doc for more information.


When do you name the reports? Or are they automatically named? I'm wanting to have a different one each month like "June 2018 Expenses" or "London 2018 Trip Expenses"
Great question! You can set a default title formula under Admin > [policy name] > Reports, or you can name them manually.

Why doesn't Expensify have a formal support structure?
We certainly do! Our Success Coaches are based all over the world (we have offices in London and Melbourne in addition to the three in the USA, and also a few remote workers in far-flung locations such as the Netherlands and New Zealand) and we are available 24/6. You can contact us by sending a message to [email protected] If you prefer self-service, take a look at our help docs at docs.expensify.com. Or you can always ask your peers, here in the Community.

Can I archive the reports submitted into the Admin reports center so that I can clear out the reimbursed reports and have the open/processing reports?
While there is no way to "archive" a report, you can use the filters on the Reports page to filter out Reimbursed reports.

Can I send invoices directly from Expensify?
Yes, you can use the Invoice function to do this.

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