Exporting reports to Quickbooks with different currencies

N_DeLeciaN_DeLecia Posts: 2

I am unable to export a report for an employee in a different currency to QuickBooks desktop.
1. I created the initial report for this employee in USD. The accounts payable is in USD, in QuickBooks the vendor currency is in USD.

  • I have been able to export to QuickBooks desktop without issue with this policy
  1. I created a second report/policy, for the same employee in a different currency. In QuickBooks, I set up a new vendor for the employee(same email address) in the new currency and mark the initial USD vendor inactive, but I am unable to export this second report.

I have tried to configure the export to a check and also as a vendor bill but nothing has worked. The vendor currency matches the currency of the policy.
Please advise on best way to accomplish exporting reports in various currencies for one particular employee.


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