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Collect Webinar Q&A - 03 July 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today's recording is here.

Where can I find the overview document you shared with us?
Here it is!

An employee said they had to have a different email to use a different policy is that correct?
That is not correct. A single Expensify account can belong to multiple policies! A user can change the Policy a report is associated with using a simple drop-down on the report itself.

Could you explain a bit more some of the features on the expense? Is there a resource page where I could learn more about them.
We have a great Day 1 guide for submitters here. The Expense editing window really just has the expense details and the coding.

How do you create a policy?
You can do with from your Inbox by clicking 'Collect' or from the Pricing page.


Can I manually change the status of reports? We have old reports that are stuck in the 'processing' step.
It depends on whether you have Workflow Enforcement enabled. If you do, the reports must follow your designated workflow. If you have it disabled, any policy admin should be able to approve or close a report.

Do you have to be signed into Expensify to know you have expense claims to approve? Or do you get an email notification too?
You get an email notification as well as mobile app notifications.

As an admin, I need to verify the coding on all approved expense reports. Do I receive notification when reports have been approved?
You will not receive notifications for this. If you want to verify all coding, I would make sure you're set up as the final approver and that Workflow Enforcement is enabled on your policy. That will ensure everything crosses your desk and you receive email notifications for all reports!

Will you reviewing how Schedule submit works in the Company Card webinar? I'm not sure how we should be setting that feature.
We will be touching on it, in terms of using with the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

As admin why cannot I generate report for their expenses? It only allows me to export a CSV file?
Let me clarify statuses: If an expense is marked as 'open', it is already on a Report, and the Admin for the Policy that report is on, will be able to see the expenses. 'Unreported' expenses cannot be seen by the Admin as they are not yet associated with a Policy. You should be able to see the name of the report on an Open expenses and click through into it.

How "tags" are helpful? Could you provide further examples?
Tags are often used with an accounting connection, and often can be customer name, location, or some sort of subgroup.

We have expenses for a number of construction jobs. Could the tag function be used to capture and categorize expenses for each construction job?
Yes, this is a common use of tags. Tags can flex to fit most expense tracking needs. You can learn more about tags, here.


Can you explain the process of an admin when it comes to having expense reimbursements? I have been told that I can do it within the admin user.
The admin needs to set up a withdrawal account, or be given access to one, then they can hit the 'Reimburse' button within a report. Check out this help doc regarding ACH reimbursement.

Managing People

We have an annual plan for 14 people. If we add an auditor, will we be charged for the auditor even if they don't submit expenses?
You will be charged for any user -- regardless of their user type -- who takes action on a report. Action includes creating, submitting, forwarding, reimbursing, exporting, etc.

My screen shows Employee, Auditors and Policy Admins but not "Approvers" how do you I get that to show?
The Approves To column only applies to and will show on policies on an Advanced Approval workflow. You can set your workflow by scrolling down on the People page!

So whoever the user "Submits to" ends up as the approver. Is that correct?

Can you explain difference between copilot and admin?
A Copilot is a user that's been given delegated access to another user's account. It's not explicitly related to an admin role.

Can you co-pilot a user with an admin role or do you have to assign that authority at the policy level
Yep! You can delegate access to an admin's account, which would give admin permissions to the Copilot, when they log in as the admin. You can learn a bit more about Copilots here.

Is it possible to only apply a policy to some employees but not all?
Yes, a Policy will only be available to the users whom you invite. And they can be invited to more than one Policy.

How do you create a user?
Anyone can create an account just by signing up for Expensify! However, you can help a team member get started by sending them an invite to your company policy which will expedite the process. If you use Domain Control, you will need to set them up as a Domain Member first.

Do all expense submitters need a company email address?
If you have Domain Control enabled, yes -- all submitters would need an @yourcompany.com email address.

So if Domain Control is not enabled, submitters could use their own personal email address?
Yes, without Domain Control, employees would be free to use their personal email address.

How does a Final Approver submit without causing approving circulation?
They can simply submit to themselves. If they need multiple levels of approval, their final approver will need to be someone who does not approve to them.


Where can more information be found on the Quickbooks online integration/management?
I'd recommend taking a look at our great help docs on QuickBooks Online!

Is it necessary to put company cards into Expensify to correctly categorize them in QuickBooks online?
It's certainly easier to do your credit card rec in Expensify and then do a final match in QBO.

In Quickbooks Online, to match expenses on a company card, does an individual report need to be created for each expense or can multiple expenses match to one report?
One report can hold multiple expenses, both reimbursable and non-reimbursable. Each expense is coded at the line-item level before exporting to QuickBooks Online.

I had a question about QBO sync. At what point do expenses from Expensify flow through into QBO? Is it after the expense report gets approved? Asking because we were on an Expensify trial from May until July and synced a couple credit cards to Expensify. However, I did not want the expenses to sync into QBO until July 1st (did not want to override anything our accountants did).
If you have Auto-Sync enabled, reports will be automatically exported to QBO upon Final Approval in Expensify. If you disable this feature, you can manually export reports at your convenience.

Where can we manually export reports?
Head to the report. At the top, click on Export and you will be given all available export options.

Can you explain more about QBO > Export reimbursable expenses as: vendor bill / check/ journal entry.
We have a comprehensive guide in our help docs.

Company Cards & Domain Control

If an employee leaves, and you cancel a card, should you delete them from domain members as well as removing the card? I don't want to lose the old reports.
If you delete a domain member, all SUBMITTED reports and expenses will be saved, but the employee will lose access to Expensify via your domain.

My client has domain control set up with credit card feed. The statement ends on the 28th, but they submit their reports for the full calendar month. They submit their reports by the 7th of the following month. How should I configure for this scenario?
With the new Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard your clients may not need to follow this kind of workflow anymore. No matter what frequency you submit a report with, the Domain Admin can view a certain date range of expenses via this tool. We have a webinar coming up, so feel free to register.

Do you have a webinar specifically on scheduled submit and reconciliation dashboard?
We have a webinar starting this week, on company cards and the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

Can the company card dashboard be used with a "Team" policy, or only for Corporate policies?
This feature is a part of Domain Control, which is only available on a Corporate Policy.

If you have corporate credit cards, how do you get the activity to automatically upload to Expensify?
This feature is available on the corporate policy level through our Domain Control functionality. See more on that here. Once you've enabled Domain Control, you will be able to import your corporate cards and assign them to employees. We have a straightforward guide in the community here.


Do you have any options for exchange rate?
You can't set the rate yourself, if this is what you mean. We use the day's trading average for cash expenses. I'd recommend taking a look at our Currency and Conversion doc, here.

We have a team of 8 Sales people using Expensify. Our accountant wants to pull the reports instead of having automatically scheduled. How should they pull reports? Set up new account for Accountant and have them access everyone's expenses?
If the accountant is set up as a policy admin, they will be able to access all employees' reports. However, if there are expenses not yet placed on a report, the accountant would be unable to see them. To give the accountant full access, each employee would need to make the accountant a copilot on their account. More on that here.

What is the best workflow for accountants?
Whatever workflow is closest to how the accountant already works! I'd recommend taking a look at the following help doc to get a feel for Expensify, and go from there!

How can policy members add manual VAT amounts? Or can they only use pre-set tax rates? E.g. we have 0%, 10% or 20% but sometimes in different countries they need other tax rates. How can they enter manual amounts of VAT.
This depends on whether you need to track the foreign VAT. As a general rule, you set up the various tax rates in your Policy under Admin > [Policy Name] > Tax.

How do we set it so that mileage expenses do not need receipts?
Head to Admin > Policies > [your policy] > Categories. Click the gear icon next to Mileage and choose Receipts Not Required.

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