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Error: "We can't reimburse this It looks like you are trying to reimburse to the same..."

SueWSueW Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

Hi community - I'm just getting Expensify set up for a new church. I have my bank account as the Deposit account and the church's bank account as the Withdrawal account. These are two different banks/accounts. I got the three charges as part of the verification process and verified the church bank account. When I submit an expense report, I get this error:

"We can't reimburse this. It looks like you are trying to reimburse to the same bank account as the withdrawal bank account. Please make sure to select a different bank account to reimburse from, or ask the submitter to change their default reimbursement bank account."


  • Sheena TrepanierSheena Trepanier Posts: 2,094 Expensify Success Coach
    edited July 6

    Hi @SueW, welcome to the Community! This is a great question and I'm happy to help you out. I did take a peek at your settings and was able to see that you Enabled Deposit on the company withdrawal account.

    If you navigate to your Account Settings > Reimbursement section, you'll notice the withdrawal account has flags for Withdrawal and Deposit.

    If you click on "Enable Deposit" in your deposit account, you should be able to reimburse. If you run into any other issues, let us know!

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