Mileage set standard office/start address and simple round-trip function

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Please add in the mileage tab a standard start address and make a simple return or round-trip button. Further allow the map to refine the route.

It is very common and a standard function in other tools like expensify to set a default (home) office or start address instead every time input it again and again. The locate function does not work since it is not precise enough and therefore useless.
Adding a button which add the standard/home/return address at the end of the trip will make it a perfect and efficient tool.
Further the map does not allow to refine the route. Just look at Google maps or Concur how they implemented. It is not possible in expensify to use the map to define or refine the driven route. Instead every single address hat to be input in the left fields. Sorry but that's very old fashion. Hope this message finds it the right way to PM...

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