Can't find receipts when I try to create a report

Hi - I'm trying to create monthly reports for expenses. Up until now I've been putting each receipt in individually and marking the date - when it comes to the report I just left it unidentified. When I go in to create a report and select the dates - none of the expenses i created that fit within those dates pop up! But they are all in the list of expenses. I also can't seem to edit any of the expenses I've already created.


  • benfitzbenfitz Posts: 30 mod

    Hey @juliapryde! Welcome to the Expensify Community! :blush:

    I had a look in your account and it appears that all of your expenses are in an Open state.

    For reference, you will be able to see the state of an expense directly under the merchant name, as you can see in this example below:

    Open expenses are expenses that have already been placed on a report. Expenses can only be associated with one report at a time. That said, you can remove expenses from an Open report in your account and move them to another. While viewing an Open report, there will be a red "X" next to each expense on this report. Click the red "X" next to an expense to remove it from the report.

    Once removed from a report, the expenses will return to your Expenses page as "unreported expenses". Expenses in an Unreported state can be added to any existing or new report.

    For your issue with editing — you should be able to edit these Open expenses by clicking into the expense, making the necessary modifications, and then clicking Save. Can you clarify what you are trying to edit and how you are attempting to do this? Let me know and a member of our team will be able to assist further!

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