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Admin Webinar Q&A - 10 July 2018

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Setup Tasks

You can find today's recording here and the guide here.

Is there a simple yet comprehensive "how to" doc to get started and then become more advanced that I can share with my client?
Feel free to take a look at our getting started guide for Admins and Accountants in our help docs. It contains a great overview and step by step instructions on how to set up a company account! You may also be interested in our Getting Started section here in the community.

I'm a policy admin, however, I don't have access to the whole menu. For example, I can't manage People.
It sounds like you have the "read-only" view for this policy and are not a full Policy Admin. Either reach out to your Policy Admin or [email protected] and we will be able to confirm.


Who selects the policy from the drop-down? Employees or managers?
The user will need to select the Policy on their report before submitting, as this will dictate the expense parameters and the coding.

How do employees (non-admin) know which policy to use when entering expenses?
If you are inviting your users to more than one policy, you will want to brief them on which Policy to set as their default and the purpose of each Policy. If they have multiple policies associated with their account, they can switch between them on the mobile app or web.

So it's the employee who controls which policy he/she would like to choose to enter expenses? So if he/she chooses the wrong policy, it's up to the reviewer to check if he/she used the right policy?
Yes that is correct. If you use domain control, you can restrict the policy used, but this would prevent use of the second Policy.

Can I add a card to my account (not a corporate card) as well as cash expenses?
Yes, you can add a personal credit card to your personal settings. Please find a guide here.

When I clear all filters and make them open, I am still not seeing certain 2017 data that should be showing up? Why?
Can you please select the "Deleted" filter as well? The missing expenses could have been accidentally deleted. If you aren't able to find them, please reach out to [email protected] and provide the date, merchant and amount of missing expenses, and the team can check the logs and investigate.

An employee has both a company credit card and a company debit card. I want to set these up manually so that the employee can assign an expense to either of these cards or as a personal expense that is reimbursable to the employee.
Once a credit card is connected to Expensify, all the transactions from that card will be imported automatically. Then when the employee SmartScans their receipt, it will merge with the appropriate card expense, or they can mark it as a reimbursable 'cash' expense.

Does Expensify track and approve mileage requests?
You can definitely do that using Expensify. Users can select the kind of expense when they create it e.g. Receipt, time or mileage. Please find instructions here.


How does the reimbursement work?
Essentially, you set up a withdrawal account within Expensify and we trigger the payment for you. You can find more detail about ACH reimbursement here.

As a submitter, if they mark an expense as reimbursable and once its approved is it reimbursed through Expensify or is that something that still needs to be done through our company accountant?
It can be automatically reimbursed through Expensify if you have enabled ACH reimbursement for your account.

We want to continue to do our own manual reimbursements.
You can also reimburse manually, still using ACH. Or you can reimburse outside of Expensify and mark reports as manually reimbursed.

Managing People

How do you set up Approval Workflow?
Approval Workflow is set up under the People tab on your Policy. You can find a complete guide here.

How can you see which manager is to approve the expense as admin?
The Policy Admin can see which manager is set up to approve expenses in the People table Admin > [Policy Name] > People. The user themselves can see who their report submits to on the report itself.


To clarify - both categories and tags are first created in QuickBooks online?
That's correct! Your chart of accounts will pull through as categories and the tags are often customers, projects or classes.

Will reports/expenses automatically flow to QuickBooks Online?
When Auto Sync is enabled, an automatic sync of the connection will occur daily and reports will export automatically upon Final Approval.

We use Intacct. The expenses flow into Intacct; however, they don't sync equal to the paper statement. They are set up to sync into AP which sets up a bill. I am assuming that I pay the bill manually?
Yes, you manually mark the bill as 'paid' at the Intacct end. Or if you are referring to paying the credit card bill, this is done outside of Expensify.

I can't find anything for Sage200 connection on the community?
You can find more information about our Sage connection here.

It's not Sage intacct - its Sage 200 (UK based version)
We connect with Sage 200 indirectly, i.e. with CSV exports.

So to identify who we need to reimburse (employee), the expense would be posted to their AP account in the accounting software. Where can I add the employee account reference field so it appears on the export file format?
Please reach out to [email protected] and we will be able to send you the right instructions.

How do I export data as csv for my accounting tool?
You can find complete instructions on setting up a custom export format here.

Thanks, I have some food receipts but when export as csv, I don't have the deductible VAT displayed.
You may need to add an extra field to your export template. You can find out more here.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Please send me the link to the credit card reconciliation webinar.
You can stream the recording here.


Can you set schedule submit for reimbursable cash expenses and not scheduled for corporate card non-reimbursable expenses?
If Scheduled Submit is enabled on a user's default Policy, it will apply to all of their expenses. You could have the user manually move their cash expenses to a different report under the Scheduled Submit Policy, and use a separate Policy as their default.

So I can create a duplicate policy of my main policy that applies to say Credit card expenses and only add those people to it that I need to add a card for?
That's correct! If you'd like to learn more about duplicating a policy, check out this related post on our Community.

How does the software calculate tax? E.g. for UK - £100 expenses entered should mean £16.66 input tax at UK 20% tax rate - can you confirm?
Tax rates are set up by the Policy Admin. You can find more information about this here.

How do you set category as default to Uncategorized so highlighted and must be completed by employee before submit?
You can make categories 'required' in your policy. Please find more information here.

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