Admin Webinar Q&A - 11 July 2018

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Today's recording is here, and the guide is here.

We are not currently enrolled in Expensify. Can this platform be used for credit card expenses that are paid by the company but still provide controls?
Absolutely! You'll be most interested in our Company Cards feature. You can learn more here.

How do you use the SmartScanning to enter expenses?
The most convenient way is to use our Mobile App and use the built-in camera function. Just snap a photo and the system will do the rest! You can also enjoy SmartScan for any file you upload to your Expenses page on our website. You can learn more here.

Is 'SmartScanning' free?
The Team and Corporate plans include unlimited SmartScans at no additional cost!

We only have 3 people entering expenses so what's the best option to choose for it?
This will depend on what you need to do with Expensify. Check out our website for a comparison of the different policies.

Can you set scheduled submission rules to 15th and end of month?
Yes you can! You can choose Bi-Monthly to handle that.

Can you set custom submission dates?
The only option that has configurable dates right now is Monthly and you choose the desired cycle date.

Does the email show the details of each report?
If you click Begin Review from your Inbox for a report you need to approve, or if you open the report directly through your Reports page, you do see all the details of the report.

I mean does it show the details of each expense report and can you reject and accept each detail?
When you view a report you need to approve, you can definitely reject a single line item OR the whole report.

How difficult is it to set up a corporate credit card & can you set it up to generate a monthly report automatically?
You just need to talk to your bank about a commercial feed, and yes you can use Scheduled Submit to do that.

Is it possible to calculate a daily average expense? Our internal policy states that average expense shouldn’t be over a certain amount.
You can set a limit per expense per category but not a limit per day.

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