Company Cards - Webinar Q&A - 13 July 2018

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Today's recording is here and the guide is here.

Domain Control

Can I enter an employee with different email when assigning a company card? ex: domain control policy is, and trying to add
You can only assign company cards to members of your domain, i.e. users' whose email account ends in your domain name.


Under the "Sync" options in the connections for an application like Xero, are you able to not list a bank account for an exportable non-reimbursable expense from these company cards?
Are you referring to exporting card transactions against a specific card account in Xero? If so, that is configured on the Company Cards page, rather than from in the policy. In the Policy settings, you can set a generic account for all transactions not associated with a specific card - you cannot leave this blank.

Will the assigned employee credit card report (ex 4231) export directly to credit card in QuickBooks (4131) or corporate card?
Yes! You can map the card in Domain Control to map directly to the associated card in QuickBooks.

How will this affect the way the report imports to and then to QuickBooks or is there no changes?
There is no change. For exporting to both QBO and, check out this guide.

Troubleshooting & Problem Solving

Can you move an expense from one report to another?
While you cannot take this exact action, a policy admin can reject an expense on a report and require the submitter to move the expense to a different report.


How can you set up the company cards to weekly and the employee expenses to monthly?
This is not possible unless each type of expense is submitted on a separate policy. For context, Scheduled Submit is set at the policy level, so it would affect all expenses on the policy. There is no way to set different submission settings based on the expense type.**
I see. Thanks!
No problem! Just a heads up that Expensify does not charge extra if you own extra policies -we only charge based on extra users. So you could definitely create a second policy for company card expenses if you wanted to.

Can you copy rules from one user to another?
Are you referring to Expense rules? If so, no - those must be set in each user's Account Settings.

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