Better full-size receipt images in report PDFs

andy9000andy9000 Posts: 1 Expensify Newcomer

I just moved over to Expensify from Smart Receipts yesterday. There is no comparison - your product is way superior and really amazing.

There is one thing in Smart Receipts that I cannot find in Expensify and it is incredibly important for many reasons.

In Smart Receipts a Report PDF will contain images of all the receipts at full size, and smart receipts will automatically place several small images on one page together. It saved printing paper, ink and is better for the environment.

Expensify however takes a small receipt (eg a taxi receipt that is at full size about 5cm x 7cm and blows it up to a full A4 page size. It could keep the original size and print 4 small receipts on one page.


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