Adding more export options for your reports

Ted Harris
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edited July 2018 in Product Updates

Whilst getting data into Expensify has always been easy, getting what you need out has sometimes proved slightly more difficult, especially when it comes to specific breakdowns by Categories and Tags. Today we’re happy to announce a handful of new default exports available in every Expensify account to make this process even easier.

While the easiest way to export your data for accounting is to use one our fully functional accounting integrations, or even one of our indirect integrations, sometimes we know you need a bit of extra reporting.

After listening to user feedback and doing some research, we’ve added the following:

  • Basic Export - A simple breakdown of your expense reports
  • Tag Export - Expense reports grouped by Tag
  • Category Export - Expense reports grouped by Category
  • Detailed Export - A dense but very detailed export displaying all of the expense and report level info you could ever wish for.
  • Report Level Export - Simple export of only report level data
  • Multiple Tax Export - We’re now making this available to everybody, everywhere, by default.

Note: This makes no change to your own carefully curated Custom Exports, and for a quick overview, you still can’t beat our Analytics page!

Take a look when you get a chance, and if you think we’ve missed an obvious one, let us know below!