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Admin Webinar Q&A - 17 July 2018

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Setup Tasks

Todays recording is here and the guide is here.

Are the policies expense buckets where the transactions are allocated to or is it actually rules, i.e., need approval for any travel expense over $300?
Policies are sets of rules through which expenses will be submitted. The Reports hold the expenses and are submitted according to the Policy selected on the report.


Can you still see a submission once it has been closed?
Yes, as a Policy Admin you will be able to see a report that has been closed, as long as this report is placed on a company policy.

Are we supposed to see totals by card, when a few bank cards are connected or just one grand total?
You can definitely find the total by card by using the filters in the Expenses page, or by using our reconciliation dashboard.

Is it possible for multiple people to submit on the same report? For example, can three employees submit one report for a "Citicorp New York Trip"?
No, user cannot collaborate on one report, but if one person pays for all the expenses, they can add the others as 'attendees'.

Managing People

Do the employees have to be invited to each policy?
Yes. Employees will need to be invited to each policy they'll need to submit reports under.

Can a company have multiple admins?
Yes they can! Anyone can be set as an admin for a policy. To learn more about the different User roles available, check out this doc.


Can we export an expense into QuickBooks to create an invoice for a particular client?
You can tag a billable expense with the client name and then bill it out of your Accounting software.

If one policy admin connects QuickBooks Online, is it connected for everyone?
Account Integrations are connected to a policy, not to a specific user. To note: Any policy admin can export to QuickBooks Online, but only the preferred exporter will see reports that are ready for export in their Inbox. To learn more about connecting to QBO, check out our comprehensive help docs.

If a different admin has connected to QBO, will it show connected on all admins connections tab?
Yes. Accounting Integrations are connected at the policy level, so any Policy Admin will be able to see that the integration is connected.

Company Cards & Domain Control

What if it's linked to a credit card, we need one report per credit card statement month?
You may find that you can use the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard for the same purpose without needing the actual report to be the same dates. Please take a look at this post in the Community for more information on how to accomplish that.

Will you be able to show what the expense reports space looks like with direct bank feed connected for company cards?
The reports look exactly the same, but the icon again the expense will be a credit card + lock icon. Please find more information on this here.

Can you please send the link to register for the company cards webinar?
Sure thing! Here's the link to register for the Company Cards webinar!

How do we add credit cards to employees?
The users can add personal credit cards under their own settings, or you can use Domain Control to import groups of company cards.


Does the expense claim just continue until you submit it or it close and start a new expense at the end of the month?
That's correct! The report will be Open until it is submitted by the user or by Concierge (via Scheduled Submit, if enabled). If you set Scheduled Submit to Monthly, you will have one report per month.

Can you choose the day of submission? i.e. 2nd of the month?
Yes, if your submission is Monthly, you can dictate the day of submission. You can find more information about the frequency you can select for Scheduled Submit here.

If you are creating expense reports for several clients and have general invoices like UPS that have itemized expenses per client- how can you punch that out?
You would split one expense into multiple parts - one expense per client.

Scheduled submit - can it be set to accumulate monthly but submit manually?
No, it's the submission which is automated, not the collecting/grouping of expenses.

Will scheduled submit (with monthly selected) automatically populate the report by card for the month, then receipts would need to be attached and only when attached would the report be submitted?
That will ultimately depend on the rules you set on within your policy. If you'd like to explicitly require receipts, any expense that doesn't have a receipt attached will be flagged as a violation, and will need to be addressed by the submitter.

How does 'eReceipts enabled' work?
This is a feature available for use in the US, where electronic receipts are created for imported credit card transactions under $75. Please find more information on this here.

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