Admin Webinar Q&A - 18 July 2018

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Today's recording is here and the guide is here.

Are there other webinars that are more specifically about company corporate cards coming up?
Yes absolutely, we have a regular company card webinar.

Is there a webinar with step by step instructions for an Admin on setting up a policy?
Yes, that's our onboarding webinar!

Is there a list of all upcoming webinars? I am new to admining and want to attend as many as possible.
You can find that here on our community!

Is there a walk-through of setting up an Admin with step by step instructions?
Yes, you can find more info in our help docs!

Can you have more than 3 approvers on a policy?
Yes you can - this will depend on your approval workflow.

You said a policy for each account. would that include parent accounts for credit cards? or would each individual card needs its own policy?
Unless you have different 'rules' for credit cards, you won't need separate policies. The need for multiple policies revolves around what conditions you need - it's quite normal to just use one Policy.

How to import the bank info for reimbursement from Gusto?
If you mean how to integrate with gusto - you can find more info here.

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