Admin Webinar Q&A - 23 July 2018

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You will find today's recording here and the guide here.

Setup Tasks

What is disabled in Trial mode - anything? I do not see "Report to" column in Users Section.
Trial mode offers all features. Perhaps you need to enable Advanced Approval as your workflow?

Where do I find getting started webinar previously recorded?
You can find a recording of our Onboarding webinar here.

My inbox concierge does not have the collect receipts option, where can I find this option?
Please make sure you've selected "Show hidden cards" on the footer of the Inbox. This will bring up all the available cards to choose from.

I am an admin for a small company and I need help setting up.
A great place to get started is our "Setup for Admins and Accountants" found here.


Do we need to create a policy?
To enable the features shown in this webinar, you'll need to create a policy.

But can the application be used without one? Or maybe just create a general one?
If you want to have users submit reports to someone for approval, you will need a Policy of some variety. You can definitely use the same Policy for everyone.


Why is direct deposit clearly labelled for US only, yet there are options for other countries?
ACH Reimbursement is only available in the US and Australia at this time, but you can collect bank deposit details for manual deposits outside of these countries.

**Is it faster for us (as employers) to pay from our pay pal or direct bank? **
This will depend on your bank's processing time.

Billing & Ownership

I know we are charged by user. Does that mean only those attached to policies?
Correct. As long as they've been invited to join your policy, you will be billed depending on your designated billing option (flex/annual commitment).


Our employees are paid by outside company. I have them listed as vendors for purposes of expenses. Do I manually enter in their information from QBO into Expensify?
Nope! We'll automatically create a new Vendor entry for employees if they don't already have an entry in QBO.

I already receive the detail on CC direct into QBO, does the expenses matchup with previously downloaded QBO transactions?
The best workflow is to import the credit cards into Expensify and reconcile there, then export to QBO and import the bank feed afterwards.

Does Expensify connect to ADP Payroll Systems?
We do! We integrate using our custom CSV export format. For more information, please read this help doc.

We linked Expensify to Gusto, and plan on reimbursing via paycheck thru Gusto, does the amount of an approved expense report get sent directly to Gusto? or will I have to manually include and mark the report as paid?
Please feel free to reach out to [email protected], and one of our Success Coaches will be able to provide you with the best practices!

Company Cards & Domain Control

Do I set up policies for people with expenses listed on credit card charges and another policy for cash/ACH reimbursed to employees?
This is up to you and will depend on whether you have different rules for different types of expenses. If you do, this sounds like a smart setup, as you can enable different expense defaults for each policy. Otherwise, you can stick with one Policy for all.


Will we be talking about the travel tab in policy settings? I looked in the online knowledge base and I can't seem to find an article about this tab.
For all of our travel integration documentation, please see our help docs.

So, the travel tab is ONLY for integration with a third party travel service?
Were you referring to the Trips tab? If so, when you forward a travel itinerary to [email protected], it will be found there!

No, when I'm viewing my policy settings and it shows overview, expenses, reports, etc... toward the bottom there is a tab for travel. I'm trying to understand what can be done within this tab.
Thanks for clarifying! This tab contains options to configure report exports. However, this is separate from where you'll manage your travel integrations.

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