Domain Admin NOT on Policy?

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I have a client that needs their accountant to use the Company Card reconciliations, but doesn't want them to have access to traditional domain admin responsibilities. They have 15 or so policies.

Can anyone confirm that if a user is added as a Domain Admin in order to perform reconciliations, but is not a Policy Admin on other policies on the domain, they will not see them?

(Example: Joe needs to do reconciliation for only Widgets1 and Widgets2. He is a policy admin for both, and a Domain Admin for Will he see Widgets3, which he is not a policy admin for?)

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  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @TabithaSchmaltz - you're correct! If you're not a Policy Admin, you won't have access to the other policies. In your example, on the SettingsPolicies page, Joe will be able to see Widgets1, Widgets2 and Widgets3 (along with their Personal Policy) however, only the names of Widgets1 and Widgets2 will contain hyperlinks to the Policy Settings. Widgets3 will simply not be clickable.

    As an aside: If Joe isn't even a member of Widgets3, they won't see it listed at all!