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Company Cards - Webinar Q&A - 26 July 2018

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You can find today's recording here and the guide here.

What is the "CLASSES" drop-down in the report here?
That would be a Report Field - this is a report-level categorization, and this would typically be something imported from your accounting integration.

So under the Policy - Report Fields?
Yes, that's correct! Here is a doc which will include more info.

When assigning a card for the first time, if we forget to restrict the import start date (and it imports historical transactions beyond what we require), is there any way to delete/ remove these transactions if the liability is set to corporate liability?
Yes, there is! I believe Aaron covered that for you on screen, but let me know if you have more questions around this!

There were some expenses on the card statement that are not imported in the list of expenses. Why would that be? Do I have to add an expense manually to get it to match the statement?
That would mean that there are expenses that failed to import from your company cards. This could happen for many reasons - check out the "Troubleshooting" section on the overview doc for steps on how to resolve those issues.

The email I got said "we will be retiring Automatic Statement Reporting" - what does that mean? What will be different than what we are doing now? Just submitting more frequently?
Automatic Statement Reporting was a feature that harvested only company card expenses - we'll be retiring that feature, and instead recommending that users use the Reconciliation Dashboard in conjunction with Scheduled Submit. You can learn a little more about that here.

How does this reconciliation method change if you have any expense match problems/ delays in the bank feed?
The Reconconciliation Dashboard will actually help you to identify those problems earlier - you'll be able to quickly and easily generate a total of imported expenses to compare to your card statement. As for the reconciliation itself, this will not change if you have a delay - is there a specific scenario you are concerned with?

I notice this example has billable expenses. Will this webinar talk about how to use that feature?
Billable expenses don't really factor into the reconciliation process, so we don't cover it here. You might find this help doc helpful though.

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