Setting up users and syncing their expenses with QuickBooks Online

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Hi I'm trying to set up new users for my company so that they can fill out expense reports. Even though my profile is connected to Quickbooks, I do not see anything transferring to quickbooks from Expensify. How do I set everything up.


  • Conor Pendergrast
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    Hey there! There's two steps to making sure that your employees are able to track their spend in Expensify, and have that synced over to QuickBooks Online. You've already connected your policy to QBO, which is great!

    First, invite your employees to your policy. You can do that via Settings -> Policies -> [Policy name] -> People, and then click the green Invite button. You can also share the Policy Joining Link with them. Make sure that their email address matches their employee/ vendor record in QuickBooks Online, so that we can sync their information correctly.

    Next, they will report their spend in Expensify, by SmartScanning receipts. At the end of each week, Concierge will submit their reports, and once those reports are final approved, the reports will sync over to QuickBooks Online.

    Those are the two key parts of the process here, and will get your employees set up and reporting their spend to you.