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Admin Webinar Q&A - 31 Aug 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Do you also have a support direct phone number?
We don't do phone support as it tends to lengthen response times in general. Read more about our support methodology here. You can email [email protected], search our Help Docs, or ask questions in the Community.


Does it matter if there are reimbursable and non-reimbursable items on a report? For instance, a person forgot to use a company card for an expense and used personal?
Nope, you can have a mix of reimbursable/non-reimbursable on one report. The reimbursable total will be shown separately and will export differently as per your accounting connection setup (if you have one).


Do all employees submit their personal bank info in their account for reimbursement?
Yes, they will each need to add a deposit account under their Settings for reimbursement.

If I am reimbursing multiple employees into multiple accounts - how do I configure that?
Your users are in control of the Deposit accounts they set up and which they have set as default.

Managing People

Can you review the section on approvals?
Please find more information on approval workflows in our Help Docs.

I have employees that have left the company and have old expense reports in an “Open” status. How can I delete them from the company view?
Reports can be deleted while in the Open state, only from within the account the report was created. However, as a Policy Admin you may be able to close them (reach out to [email protected] for more info). Policy admins do not have the ability to delete reports on behalf of their employees. You may like to consider filtering the report view. On the web app, your Reports page filter will be defaulted to show the customized selection of report statuses that you have checked. You can modify this by selecting a different combination of options from the Filters at the top of the page. You can use the date filters to hide old reports from view.

Is there a report that can give me a list of all users in Expensify and what policy they are included in (we have 20 policies and growing). It is cumbersome to click into each policy and download the user list. We would use this report to remove employees we have terminated.
Unfortunately, this option isn't available in Expensify, you can only download the user list from one Policy at a time. However that seems like a lot of Policies to manage - maybe reach out to our Support team to check that your setup is the best possible for your needs.

Can I, as admin, set up an employee's Expensify account? we have a generic email account for several employees to use.
Any user can invite you as a CoPilot to help with their setup.

Billing & Ownership

My card information is correct for payment, our account has a zero balance, but I am getting the message to retry billing.
There may be an issue with the account - Please reach out to [email protected] and we will be able to help!

Can we force each user to pay for their own monthly fee?
The user owns their account, which is free. It's the company Policy which is the paid part, and this is paid by the billing owner.


Can we integrate other tools to create users automatically?
Yes, you can integrate both accounting systems and some HR systems which will provision users in Expensify. I recommend you go to Settings > Policies > [Policy Name] > Connections to see what's available, and then search for that connection in docs.expensify.com.

Company Cards & Domain Control

How do we turn on the credit card feature in Expensify to download transactions and reconcile?
You will want to start by setting up domain control. Once this is done you can assign cards and use the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.

Could you go over domain control section again?
Please find more information on this here.


We currently have policies for each different department. I was wondering if it is possible to have one policy for multiple departments but then have tags for each department instead?
Yes absolutely, if you are connecting to an accounting system you can do this in the coding tab of your connection. Or if you create tags manually, you may want to consider multi-level tagging.

We have a policy of receipts required over $75; however, whenever we do mileage it causes a violation as there is no receipt for mileage. How do I clear that?
Admins can opt to not require a receipt based on the default mileage category selected, by following the steps below:
1. Go to the Categories page of the policy settings Settings > [Policy Name] > Categories
2. Click the blue cog next to the category name that is selected as the mileage default category
3. Select Receipts: Not Required
For more information on category-specific rules, see our help doc.

What's the difference between category and tag?
A category is the first level of coding and often represents your chart of accounts. Tags are a secondary level of detail and can represent clients, departments, office locations or any other detail you wish to collect.

Why do some reports get closed?
This is when a Policy is using a Submit & Close workflow and is generally used when no approvals are needed. You might want to check this article for more information on approval workflows.

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