Difference between Reports and Expesnes

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On the Policy set up I see Reports and Expenses. Trying to understand how these work. It says Expenses will automatically get assigned to a Report. Can you clarify? Does Expensify take all receipts (expenses) submitted by an user and then automatically group that users submitted receipts (expenses) to a report to later be approved by an Admin for reimbursement?

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @LisaVos, it may help to think of the expense as a receipt or proof of payment, and the report as the manila folder that keeps them all together.

    To submit the expenses for reimbursement or reconciliation, they have to be put on a Report. And it is the report which is associated with a Policy, and is the part which goes through Approval.

    You can use Scheduled Submit to automatically create the reports and add the expenses, and then submit with the frequency you select (the Policy Admin would set this up). Or you can manually create the reports and submit them.