Admin Webinar Q&A - 1 August 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Please show direct us to the best training tools (webinar, video guides) for users.
You can register your team for Employee Training webinar here - and our Day 1 guide is brilliant.


If we set automatic submission dates, will it not submit if there are remaining violations for the employee?
Expenses containing violations will be removed from the report. Additionally, you can simply enter a comment on each expense with a violation to submit the report, with violations.

So if my sales team have outstanding violations, and do not fix them, BUT it auto submits, will I not get all of their expenses from the month?
Correct. The expenses with violations wouldn't be submitted unless they were resolved or had a comment added. It's a good idea for users to give their reports a quick check-over before the submission date.

How do I retain old report information when I delete a Policy?
To make sure you retain all of your expense information against that Policy, you will need to make sure all reports have been submitted through your policy before you delete it.

Do I need to clear out a report an re-create in order to pick up all the expenses.
Sure! As long as the report is in an Open status, you can delete/modify the report. You may also like to change the Policy the report is on.

Can employee submit same expense or receipt more than once?
Nope! Each expense can only be submitted once. Possible duplicates will be flagged as violations for them to review.

What about receipts that need to be merged i.e. two receipts for every dining with the details and one with the total with tip?
In this case, I'd suggest merging the two expenses together to create a single expense.

How do I merge expenses?
To merge two expenses together, just select each expense from the Expenses Page. Once selected, you'll see "Merge" appear in the top right-hand corner of the header. Please note, your expenses must Unreported, or in an Open status, in order to be merged.

Does it save both receipts in the merge?
When merging the receipts, you'll be taken to a pop-up window that allows you to select the receipt image to use for the merged expense. The other will be discarded.

I was wanting to keep both receipts as one has the details and the other shows the tip.
I would suggest saving the receipt image, and then attaching the extra image directly to the report as a Report Attachment.

Please show us again where we can see where employees have submitted their reports?
As a Policy Admin you can find all reports created under your policy on your Reports page. You can use the filters to look up reports created by a specific user.

Managing People

Is Co-pilot only for those with the Corporate plan?
Nope! Copilots are included in all account levels.

We have our staff set up to submit AND approve to their regional manager. But I am getting emails asking for final approval? Why might that happen?
It sounds like you've been added as the final approver for these users. Please double-check the "Approves to" box on the regional manager's entry in your Policy People table. Note that the Approves To column is the person that user sends reports to when they approve them. It does not refer to where the user's own reports go. I suspect the manager is set up to approve to you.

How do you add the auditor role?
You can add a Policy Auditor via Settings > Policies > [Policy] > People and click the blue cog at the end of their row.

What happens if one of my employees downloaded the app and is using the free access? Can I add them to our corporate account now?
Sure! You'd just want to invite them using your Policy Invitation Link found via Settings > Policies > [Policy] > People

Billing & Ownership

Billing question. If I invite employees to use Expensify, adding them to my policy, and then they don't use it for a month or two, are they considered "active users" anyways?
This depends if they've been added as Flex or Annual users. I recommend you reach out to [email protected] and we can check you have the best setup.


I did a test receipt this morning and when I tried to sync with QuickBooks Desktop it said vendor was new and I had to set up and sync QBD. I set up the vendor but don't know how to sync again... can you advise?
Sure! To sync your connection, simply navigate to Settings > Policies > [Policy] > Connections to locate your connected accounting integration to 'sync now'.

Company Cards & Domain Control

Can I download monthly cc transactions directly from my bank?
Of course! You can import your personal card via Settings > Credit Card Import. Corporate cards can be set up via Domain Control.


How do you merge policies?
Unfortunately, we don't offer a method of merging policies.

Can you set a tag as a default tag?
Using Expense Rules, you could apply a default tag to incoming expenses. Expense rules are applied based on the expense merchant. For more information on expense rules, check out our help docs.

I have tags enabled but when I click gear under categories the Tag box is not showing up. where do I find that entry again.
It sounds like you're looking for the Tags tab, which is found on the left-hand side of your policy menu, just below the Categories page.

How do I receive email notifications when an employee submits a report?
You can manage your email preferences via Settings > Preferences. Additionally, you can find anything that requires your attention by clicking into your Expensify Inbox. Any reports that require your review/attention will be found here.

Is there a way to add the client's name?
Sure! You could add "Client" as a Report Field, which is placed on the header of the report or import as a 'tag' from your accounting system. Some companies like to use the comment field and add a comment hint 'client name', particularly for entertainment expenses.

If we want to report Recoverable expenses to a client (and exclude non recoverable), is there a way to just download part of an expense report and receipts?
It's not possible to create a PDF of a report containing only part of the expenses, but you can use a custom export template to export the expenses you would like to submit to your client. Take a look at our Export Custom Reports help doc for more info.

How can we require certain required fields for certain receipts e.g. restaurant receipts require names of those dining.
To do so, you'd just use the "Comments required" option, found by clicking the small blue cog wheel next to each category listed in your Corporate policy. And set a comment hint.

Is it able to only do it for items coded to Meals?
You can do this for as many or as few categories as you'd like. You can update each category by clicking on the blue cog wheel next to each category.

Under Per Diem and above invoices on the Policy Settings it says Export Format. What is that?
This tab is used to create custom CSV exports, which you can use to export your reports.

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