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How do you prevent multiple vendors from being created? eg Target store 001 Target store 003 Target store 0005... ...and Restaurants? I don't want every restaurant listed as a vendor in my QB file. I use the vendor Restaurant for all dining out expenses and we have ONE target regardless what is on the receipt.

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  • Rachael Hopkins
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    Hi @LisaVos the Vendor is only created for reimbursable expenses, where the employee is the Vendor.

    For non-reimbursables, the Vendor will only match with the merchant, if the merchant name matches the vendor in QuickBooks Desktop exactly. If it doesn't, it will come through as 'Credit Card Misc'.

    The trick to getting them to match perfectly is to get your users to set up expense rules to rename their common merchants e.g. any merchant name containing the word 'Target' is renamed to 'Target'.