Admin Webinar Q&A - 07 August 2018

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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

Are there any other webinars that are offered that we can sign up for to learn more?
We have a list of all available webinars in our Community!

We only want to use Expensify to capture receipts and classify company credit card expenses to the correct GL code or Job number - no reimbursements. Is this possible?
Yes absolutely - many businesses use Expensify primarily for credit card reconciliation.


Is there any way you can change the system to be able to accept submitter to attach more than 1 receipt per expense line?
You can only attach one receipt to each expense, but extra documents can be added as "Documents" to Open reports. To add a Document, click into the report from your Reports page in the web app, and then click the icon that looks like a document with paperclip on the left-hand side of the report.
You can also join the discussion about adding multiple receipts in our community.

What is an eReceipt?
eReceipts are full digital replacements of their paper equivalents for purchases of $75 or less (US Only).


How can you mass change reports from mark as reimbursed to unreimbursed?
You can manually mark as reimbursed in bulk from the Reports page but not 'unreimbursed' - If you manually mark a report as Reimbursed, you will need to Unapprove one-by-one to undo this. For ACH reimbursements, once a report is reimbursed, the reimbursing admin will have a small window of time to cancel the report if a change needs to be made by clicking "Cancel Reimbursement" at the top of the report.
If the money has been withdrawn from the company account I do not recommend using the cancel option. If the reimbursement fails, the report will return to an "Approved" state, awaiting an admin to re-initiate reimbursement.

Managing People

What are best practices for merging people and are there red flags to be aware of when doing so?
There is no way for a Policy Admin to merge user accounts, but a user can do this to their own accounts assuming they're not under domain control.

Can we use Copilot to be able to make changes to users accounts on their behalf?
Yes, a Copilot can change a user's account settings if the have Full Access.

Can a report be submitted with no approver?
Only on a Submit & Close workflow.

What if I want all but one to submit with no approval? I want all employees to submit to the manager but I don't need an approver for the manager.
The manager can simply submit to themselves and approve themselves!

Can admin add a copilot for someone else?
No, only the user can add a Copilot to their account.

Billing & Ownership

Does it cost a certain amount per policy you have? Or is it one lump sum no matter how many policies you have?
As long as the Billing Owner is the same, you can create multiple policies without any additional cost. You'll still be charged based on the number of active users across your policies. Regardless of how many policies a user has activity on, you will only be charged once for them. You can create additional policies from the Admin page by clicking "New Policy".


I didn't see my ERP system on that list. Can I still connect my accounting info to Expensify?
You can see a list of all available software integrations in your Policy under Settings > [Policy Name] > Connections. If Expensify doesn't connect directly to your software, you may still be able to import and export expenses and data via CSV files. For more info on creating your custom CSV export, visit our help page.

If you duplicate a policy that is integrated with accounting software, does the duplicate have the integration already setup?
No, you will to connect the duplicated policy to your accounting integration separately. You may find it helpful to open the other connection in a different window so you can refer to the settings.

Company Cards & Domain Control

How do we do domain control? The choice I see is not the same as what you are showing?
If you don't see the Domain Control listed as an option, you might be subscribed to the Team plan. You will need to upgrade to the Corporate plan. Please find more information about Domain Control here.

When you have a card attached through domain control, do you have to manually download transactions every few days or will it automatically add new transactions?
If the card is assigned to the user via Domain Control, expenses will automatically be imported into that user's account from the credit card connection every 24 hours, as soon as they are posted (and no longer in "pending" status) within the bank account. If you wish, you can manually update the card to pull in new posted transactions by going to Settings > Domain Control > [Domain Name] > Company Cards and clicking the blue cog icon next to the card > Update.

Do the employees have to wait for the transaction to be downloaded before submitting the receipt?
When you add a receipt to Expensify, the receipt will either attach to a matching credit card transaction, or add the receipt as a cash expense if it can not find a card transaction. Either way, it will be added to the Expenses page so that you have a comprehensive view of all your expenses. The expenses can be added to a report immediately, but you don't want to submit the report until all expenses have posted and imported.

Is there a way to make the expense report submission match the credit card statement transaction?
Reports do not need to line up with the statement, as you can reconcile the statements independently. I recommend you come to our Company Cards webinar and learn more about the Credit Card Reconciliation Dashboard.


Is there a way to set the approval limits based on the item amount rather than the report amount?
Category limits allow policy admins to set how much a user can claim for reimbursement for a specific category, per individual expense/per day. Category limits can be set under Settings > [Policy Name] > Categories > blue cog > set "Max Amount".

If I wanted to apply a flat amount to all categories, is there a way to do that all at once?
Unfortunately not, you would need to apply the rule to each category separately.

We have a parent-child relationship between Client and Project. Is there a standard (or workaround) way to limit the end-user available projects to only those that are valid for a given client?
No sorry, this isn't possible.

Re: multi-level tags - Are "tags" different than client and/or project fields? please help us understand what "tag" means.
A tag is often used for client, project, class, department or location.

I am new and an accountant - if we have multiple clients what is the best way to separate our clients?
You would want to have at least one Policy per client, and only invite the relevant users to each Policy.

How do you add card as an accountant managing a policy?
You can pay for this from your own account settings, or your client can pay from theirs, and use your code.

For the default report title, how do I enter a space for them to enter the credit card period end date?
You can just enter a fixed 'put end date here' or you can use an automatic date. You can find more information on this here.

If an expense is billable, where can I add the clients for the users to select?
Typically these are added as Tags. You can learn more about re-billing expenses here.

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