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Setup Tasks

Today’s recording is here and the guide is here.

How do you get to see all the different webinars available? This is great.
Check out this post on our online Community.


Reimbursable expenses means you're giving employee money back?
Sure does! It means they spent their own money on the expense.

If you change to non-reimbursement that would be an employee using a company card and no money back?


Where can I see if the employees have their deposit accounts set up?
You can't see that from the admin side, but there is a report that we can add to your account so that you can see the accounts that have been added before you do the reimbursement. Please reach out to our support team to enquire about this.

If you have multiple policies, can you setup different reimbursement controls for each policy?
Yes you sure can!


Can Expensify sync to and Quickbooks on line or do you not need
Yes, both, but you want to set it up in the right order. Check out this guide.

I have my policies set up as non-reimbursable, but when the transactions are downloaded from the .CSV file, they import in as reimbursable. How do I fix this?
What system are you exporting to?

QuickBooks online, and importing from Amex.
I think you may need to reach out to [email protected] - you should be able to connect with QuickBooks Online directly, I'm not sure where the CSV comes into your setup.

When reimbursements are remitted from Expensify, is the remittance synced with QBO?
Yes it is! But you want to turn on 'sync reimbursed reports' in the advanced configuration.

What does Tab mean? How tab will sync to QuickBooks?
If you mean Tag - this is an extra detail like class, location or department which can be imported/exported to QuickBooks.

Does that work with billable expenses?
Yes definitely - often with Billable expenses, the 'customer' tag is used.

Company Cards & Domain Control

When I try to create an additional policy, I get a message saying my domain settings do not allow an additional policy. However, I can't seem to change the setting.
Are you a Domain Admin for your domain?

This is likely related to a group restriction - I think we'll need to look at your settings - please reach out to [email protected] so we can take a targeted look.

Will you discuss the "liability type" choices for imported cards?
I recommend you come to our company cards webinar, you will find the link here:

Can you briefly describe what the group choice does in the domain control?
That allows you to apply default policy and other 'rules' and restrictions based on a group of users.

What's the difference between putting credit cards in your account and in Domain Control?
Under Domain Control they are managed by the Domain Admin. In the account it's the user who does the card reconciliation and ensures everything is correct. In a nutshell - in the account there is less visibility for the admin.

So if I have all cards setup in Domain control and assign to card holder, then each card holder doesn't need to register in their own personal account?
Yes that's correct.

How do we merge receipts to assigned credit card transactions?
They should automatically merge, but if they don't, the easiest place to do that is from the Expenses page. Here's a great troubleshooting guide.

Can there be more cards assigned to one user?
Yes absolutely! You may want to come to our Company Cards webinar too!


How to setup billable expenses? I can't export the report with billable expenses.
I recommend you check out this guide.

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