One approver skips the normal approval flow. All reports she approves goes to final approved.

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In a typical scenario, a newly submitted report is sent to the persons direct management for approval. The first approver approves the report, and then it is routed to accounting. Once accounting approves the status is changed from "processing to approved". We have one approver (shown in Capture 1 as " whose direct reports skip the accounting approval step and go directly to the status "approved". I believe this approver and all her direct reports have the same settings as every other employee. Capture 2 and Capture 3 (attached) show the approval settings currently set up for the both the person who submitted the report in Capture 1- Aya and the first approver for Aya- Jaimee. Please let me know if you have any suggestions as to how we can fix this!

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    Hi @VPlanz - Thanks for such a fantastic Q&A post! It sounds like Jamie is clicking the Final Approve option instead of the Approve and Forward option when she is reviewing reports.

    Unless an employee is restricted in Domains > Groups section to follow the workflow exactly as set up, they will have both options available to them.

    I'd recommend chatting with Jamie about both options, showing her the screenshot below for a visual explanation.

    In the future choosing Approve and Forward should route reports to accounting after Jamie.