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Policy rule to not allow non-reimbursable expenses to be Submitted if credit card import active

InnovAsianInnovAsian Expensify Customer Posts: 20 Expensify Newcomer

A scanned/manual expense created and marked non-reimbursable would typically mean it will have a matching credit card imported transaction. The system will merge these together once they both exist. The issue is a merge cannot be done if one of the transactions is on a submitted expense report and one is still unreported.

An example is someone who scans their receipts for a credit card purchase, adds it to a report and submits the report the next day. This is too fast for Amex to report the charge and the imported credit card transaction is left behind. You have to reject the expense on the processing report and then it can be merged.

All these extra steps can be avoided if a policy setting was available to not allow it to be submitted without it being merged.

If the user only attaches a receipt to the imported card transaction and submits it, this should not create a policy violation.

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