Can I create custom fields on Expenses?

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Hello, I need to include on the expenses 2 text custom fields so I can capture some information that I need to generate the reports. Is there an option to create this for the Corporate Policy?


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    Hi @JavierAE, thanks for posting.

    We don't actually have the ability to add Custom Report Fields at the expense (line item) level. You can add Report Fields on a Corporate Policy, but this doesn't extend down to the line item level.

    So that I can try to find a solution for you, do you mind elaborating on the type of information that you are needing to capture for your reporting requirements?

    I look forward to exploring this with you more. Have a great day!

  • JavierAE
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    Hello Milan,
    The idea is to have the option to capture the information of the Invoice number and a internal ID that we need for each invoice. With that in each expense, then we will be able to export the report with all the information to the accounting software we use. With out this information, we have to export the excel file, and then fill the information, and then send it.

  • EJ_
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    We have a similar need. Our employees need to specify a business unit and project code for each expense. There does not seem to be an obvious way to do this in the Expensify system. The ability to add additional fields at the expense level would be much appreciated. In Europe we started using "Fortnox Kvitto & Resa", a highly functional type of expense/accounting software that does this well. More flexibility for the customer = better product!

  • MiguelQ
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    Invoice numbers should be a default category, sometimes companies procure multiple services or products from the same vendor multiple times a day and without an invoice number it's impossible to differentiate the expenses.

  • johnsalomon
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    Hi, I would also like to see custom fields on an individual expense level. It would be a lot easier for my accountant if I could have each report mirror my country's tax authority's reporting spreadsheets.

  • Philippp
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    Hello. I have the same requirement. For accounting purpose, I need to enter restaurant tip as a line item for every restaurant expense. Being able to support multiple taxes and tax rates could be nice too and simple to add.

  • Sheena Trepanier
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    Hi all! While we do not support adding extra fields at the expense level, you can use multi-level tagging to track additional coding options.


  • johnsalomon
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    Hi, in that case please consider this a feature request. I am looking for a solution that lets me add custom fields, such as,

    • supplier's VAT number
    • Unique custom expense code

    Thank you

  • Ted Harris
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    Hi @johnsalomon - regarding the two fields you have outlined there, would it make sense to use the Expense Description field for the "supplier's VAT number"?

    Regarding the "Unique custom expense code", would this be unique to each expense? If you're exporting to a CSV export template, I've definitely seen some users make use of a formula in the vein of: {report:id}-{report:expense:number} to create a unique marker for each expense they have within Expensify. That would eliminate the need for users to create this themselves, as it seems like something that can be done on export if that's what you're after!

    If not, definitely feel free to pop this over on in the Ideas section here though. After you add this, other Expensify users will be able to vote on the idea and we can gauge the demand for it.

    The most popular ideas will be reviewed by our team and have a real chance of being placed on our roadmap!

  • johnsalomon
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    Hi again,

    I already need the Expense Description field for...expense description :-)

    The unique identifier has to be something I can make consistent across both electronic and physical receipts. Your suggestion is a fine idea, but unfortunately as far as I can tell, I can't see that identifier until I run the report. I need to be able to physically (or electronically) label the receipt images as well, as the tax office will review these and compare them with the reports. Using your idea I'd have to retroactively go through all the receipts, label them to match the report's label, and re-take any receipt photos. I can't see a way to have those report IDs show up on the actual individual expense description forms.

    Let me suggest the feature, thank you.